The best 55 Inch 4k TV under $500 for 2016 and 2017 has been a question asked by countless of people. 4K TV’s don’t have to break the bank, especially if you want a larger 55 inch screen. What’s the best bang for your buck, if you’re on a tight budget for a 4K TV, but you still want a 55″ screen, and don’t want to spend over $500? Well – I took the time to research this and have come up with a few options to help with your purchase decision for the best 55 inch 4K TV under $500! This battle is between the only choices I could find within the United States for a 4K TV that is 55″ and is under $500.

The TV’s I go through in this video are:
1. Westinghouse WD55UB4530 – $379.99 at BestBuy
Pros: +Wifi Built in, +Cheapest 4k TV, +Smart TV features
Cons: -Blurry on fast motion, -freezing issues reported, – no power switch on TV
Purchase the Westinghouse here:

2. Avera 55EQX10 – $410.99 at Amazon
Pros: +4 HDMI Ports, +Local Dimming, +AUX port
Cons: -No Wifi, -Terrible speakers, -No Smart TV features
Purchase the Avera here:

3. Sceptre U558CV-UMR – $419.98 at Amazon
Pros: +Up to 120Hz, +Good value for monitor, +4x4K HDMI Ports
Cons: -No Wifi, -Older (2015) Model, -No Smart TV features
Purchase the Sceptre here:

4. Toshiba 55L621U – $429.99 at BestBuy
Pros: +Good contrast, +Wifi built in, +Chromecast built in
Cons: -Terrible Speakers, -Blurry picture issues, -Freezing issues
Purchase the Toshiba here:

5. Insignia NS-55DR710NA17 – $479.99 at BestBuy
Pros: +Roku Smart TV, +Wifi built in, +Good 4K Upscaling
Cons: -Poor blacks & contrast, -Remote issues, -Internet connection issues
Purchase the Insignia here:

6. TCL US5800 – $499.99 at Amazon
Pros: +Roku Smart TV, +Clear 4K output, +Good black uniformity
Cons: -Laptop connection is blurry, -No Sleep function, -High Input Lag (bad for gamers)
Purchase the TCL here:

7. Vizio E55-E1 (BONUS TV) – $498 at Walmart
Pros: +Chromecast built in, +Full Array LED, +Local Dimming
Cons: -Fast motion is blurry, -Bad viewing angles, -Terrible speakers
Purchase the Vizio here: or

What is HDR? Watch my video on that here:
What is a Chromecast? Watch my video on that here:

Note, prices in this video are current as of March 2017 when this video was filmed and produced.

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Nate says:

You look like a beanered out Ray William Johnson

XWhiteWinter says:

is it me or every tv you present are garbage value

Brandon Lazere says:

Cool story bro

DecimusX D says:

The C in Sceptre is silent

johnmonk66 says:

how do you know? you don’t even have one

Shadno says:

None of these are not good for gaming but good search

David Brown says:

sceptre is pile of poop. bought it and it was junk, returned it.

David gaudet says:

How is the p605 with sports and cable TV

dirtyfred1 says:

New subscriber. I just bought a new 55 Inch 4K TCL TV from Amazon for $379.00. I think the model # is 55S405. It’s a 2017 model but most of the reviews I have read about it were real good. I’m hoping it doesn’t get busted up in the transit. I’m an old man so I don’t understand all this high tech stuff but if I can watch my shows without any problems, I will be a happy camper.

Jonathan Koulai says:

So if the sound is bad what should o get again?

Robert last says:

No one in this day and age should have to deal with these issues.. I’ll just spend a Lil more and get a better TV

Oviation says:

Yo do another video of these right before blackfriday

Dialysisforever says:

I am kind of confused. Why would the TV have WiFi if the TV is not a Smart TV? Thanks.

Positive Investing says:

Don’t forget to subscribe! Let me know if you ended up purchasing any of these TV’s I covered.

sam swartzlander says:

Here is amazon’s black friday curve tv sale

Jones Nation says:

TCL P series best budget TV but over 500

Cbeddoe19 says:

I had the absolute worst customer service with Westinghouse a while back. I will never buy any Westinghouse product ever again. I had a 32″ tv fail after 4 months, paid to send it in for warranty. Waited a couple weeks. Called to check on it. They claimed “they never recieved it”. I had to prove to them that they had recieved the tv.
I sent a copy of the proof of delivery with signature on it, with RMA number and copy of proof of purchase. They claimed not to have received it. Then i emailed, faxed, and snail mailed in the documents. Still claimed they didn’t get those.
Finally i called in and worked my way up to a manager. I told him what was going on and that i was done with them. I wanted a refund or I’d pursue damages in small claims court. They asked me to send in proof of delivery 1 last time. I did. They sent me a refurbished tv and it died in 6 months the same failure mode as the first one.
Westinghouse = Failure.
No surprise to me these idiots didn’t put power buttons on their TVs.

Intern Primas says:

You look like Ray William Johnson’s Younger Brother!

Bruno Borer says:

One of the things I continue to enjoy on my old “outdated” plasma set is the high refresh rate which makes it excellent for gaming and fast action scenes. It’s been going strong for nearly ten years and still has a great picture. I’m impressed by the rich detail and deep blacks of some 4K sets but I can’t understand why so many companies would hamstring this new technology by combining it with a pitiful 60 Hz refresh rate. Doesn’t make sense. Even 120 Hz isn’t that great but many of the 4K sets which advertise it really only have 60 Hz which has to be upscaled for better performance. Aren’t there any 4K sets which combine a high refresh rate and an excellent picture but don’t cost an arm and a leg?

The Knight Rider says:

Please make a Video in year 2018 about 4k hdr Tvs the Last one was awe-inspiring i got a avera 49 inch 4k hdr tv Thanks a million

South East Bobby says:

FUCK is the reason making a video on tv’s that have issues, how nout posting on the one’s that are your best buy

Deb Wigg ins52 says:

What about the 55′ Sharp/Aquos 4K UHD SmartTV
.odel No. LC55P6000U . IT was sold at Wal-Marts Black Friday Sales on 11-23-2017.

Cylonic Rage says:

I have a brand new Insignia 43″ 4K RokuTV that I paid $300 for and it has HDR. It even has a little indicator that pops up when HDR supported content is recognized. Works great on my Xbox One S.

neonRTowner says:

The problem with his video, and is really misleading, is that this is just a “spec review” and “techno-babble” talk. He didn’t actually view each set, just online manufactures specifications.
Not very good at pronouncing “Sceptre”!

Tommy Darko says:

In conclusion; spend a bit more for a Samsung, Sony, Panasonic or perhaps Hisense.

Jesse V says:

I was able to order the Westinghouse from Best Buy for $250. Thanks for the review. I hope it doesn’t freeze often lol

Bob Jones says:

I’m actually curious why you would put no smart capabilities as a con, I’d say it’s more of a bonus feature than anything

Nikola Adamovic says:

What can you tell me about the Skyworth 49E5600? Its costs 492$, but except the Technical Specifications I cant find any review on it. tnx in fortune for your answer

Jonathan Koulai says:

I’m so confused by this review I feel like all of them are bad

Dawn says:

Lol little bit over the top, calm down with the “down below” and the “let’s get into it”, it feels waaaay too scripted, as well as the like and subscribe thing.

MrCliff1947 says:

..Just got my 55″ RCA 4K with built in Roku. . The picture quality is great,the audio is lacking. .But,the biggest reason I got this was for Roku apps… Real apps for the real world… A cable cutter`s delight.. You Tube TV included.. Got it at Walmart for $349…They sold out for now.. I don`t know if they`ll get more…

John Butner says:

No, I didn’t buy one of these, none of these are what I am hoping for. I would prefer a $500-$800 55″ with HDR and local dimming and 120 native hz if there is anything like that available in the market. I wouldn’t mind a 65″ showoff, either around $700-$1200.

I like the review because it is short and to the point. The accuracy I don’t know but sounds accurate. I looked at the TCL in person the 55s405 and tried to buy it but it was sold out on cyber monday. However, most to all the Vizios I looked at this year looked worse than the other tvs, other than maybe Insignia – even the Hisense, Hitachi and some of the Sharps looked better to me. I wondered what was going on with that because a few years ago I had almost bought an e series. Vizio seems to have a lot of rave but my dad and I both agreed they looked the worst. I would have to look very close and play with one before I bought it or know I can return it. Maybe the store just didn’t do it justice? Who knows, but Vizio is the enigma brand for me this year as the reviews claim they are great but checking them in person I found them to look the dullest.

Anyway, I have been looking for the right tv to replace my Samsung 720p 50″ plasma but as of yet I am not finding what I want in a price I am willing to pay. On cyber monday 2017, I almost picked up the TCL 55s405 for $380 or the Samsung 7000 series 55″ for $750 but at the last second I changed my mind on the Sammy and the TCL was sold out.

Álvaro Carvalho says:

Is it just me or this guy looks a lot like Ray William Johnson?

David Brown says:

Westinghouses I don’t think was ever considered a high end.

Andrew Remmers says:

Not sure if I had the same TCL model as shown, bought mine a year ago at Walmart. I actually found the TV to be quite good for such an unheard of brand. Only problem I had with it was every once and awhile, it won’t turn on when you pushed the button to turn it on. I would have to unplug it and plug it back it. Really annoying, but other than that, TCL wasn’t that bad at all!! Roku is awesome to have bundled with your tv

Joshua Pack says:

doesn’t the bonus TV have HDR???

Robert Johnson says:

I paid $430 at micro center for my 50″ vizio E50x-E1 4k tv with chromecast it’s a pretty good tv I wouldn’t say it’s as good as oled or qled. It’s good enough for a bedroom I think I’m gonna pick up a sony 4k tv

Mee you says:

Best 40” please

Mike Nowacki says:

Have you checked out the hisense

Caelum Manestar says:

Don’t look like a Nick

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