Best 4K TV Under $1000| Ep.242

#QuantumApotheosis Best 4K tv under $1000 will be revealed in this video, to help you make the right choice! If you have any Questions is where you can message Me! Enjoy!


Patel Patel says:

Mi, tcl ,Vu me se 55. inch ka konsa TV Lena chahie

James Gray says:

What about the Vizio P-Series

adnap says:

Just no.

Kevin Cole says:

Samsung Q6FNB 49″ is $899 very nice tv for cost.

Jason Schnereger says:

haha i really enjoy the “lets keep looking” format you used here

azzo wazza says:

Where is mu6300?

Kiefer Rohweder says:

What’s the best 75” under 2k???

francis crowe says:

Thanks for your honest reviews!

I’ve been looking all over for a Black Friday 65″ 4k HDR TV to buy. After I narrowed it down I realized HDR compatible was not HDR. Any thoughts on best 65″ for under $1000. Even better something that checks most of the basic boxes under $800 for use streaming (Shield) and PS4. I’ve been looking at LG 65UK6090PUA ($599), TCL 6 Series ($899), Sony X850F ($999), Samsung NU8000 ($997), Samsung NU7300 ($799), Samsung NU6900 ($649), Samsung NU6070 ($599), lots of LGs, and is it even worth bothering to consider the 65″ Sharp or TCL ($398)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and possibly prevent my head from exploding. Thanks!

Aeneas Mylonas says:

great vid:) what do you think about the Samsung QE55Q6F ? its a little over 1000 bucks but its qled, do you think its better than the sony and the roku or those two are better options?


Great video! Appreciate the information!
TCL is definitely making a huge impact in the 4K world.

Marcos Kruger says:

What do you think of the Q6FN right now at $999. Is it worth it? How about compare to the Samsung N8000 one?

Fernando Garcia says:


nick souba says:

Vizio p series is better the tcl….bought the 6 series….returned it for p series and the vizio is very much better ppl try to go back and forth but for real…vizio Is better

Adrian Dacres says:

I’m going to play the panel lottery with the tcl 6 series, but only with best buy. But I wonder if any new tv’s will be out before April

SFbayKID says:


Tanner Wharton says:

Would love to see all these tvs compete which one plays the switch docked the best lol

Jumari LaVelle Henry says:

What about the Vizio P series 2018 its a monster, and stacks up to the Sony X900E when it comes to motion. The picture is bright, and the blacks and whites are great. This tv should have been listed.

Anthony Womack says:

Be nice if you didn’t plaster the price all over the television. So annoying

Kevin Miller says:

You said the TLC was terrible awhile back and the motion was the worst you’d ever seen.

Mustafa Akbar says:

1 have 1300 to buy a tv for my man cave what do you suggest will go a little more for a 65″

Nicholas Allum says:

i love the tcl 6 series but i cant take the chance with the panel lottery.i live in the caribbean

SG12019 says:

As a owner of the samsung mu6290, i want to upgrade to something a bit better, What would you recommend? I’ve looked at the samsung nu8000 and Q6F, Sony X900E, but i dont know which is better. HELP plz

Ron Clark says:

Vizio M or P series in the 49″ to 55″ bracket?

jacob vance says:

I have the opportunity to get a brand new 55″ Samsung NU8000 for $675 – is tv good enough quality to be sufficient for a number of years or am I better off getting a QLED (q6 or q7) at a price point closer to $1000?

Wade Barnes says:

Should’ve known he’d pick the X900E as his #1 choice.

Event Horizon says:

Can’t do the TCL. Maybe if you don’t watch sports but I need a native 120Hz panel. And I don’t want to deal with QC issues. As others have said the Vizo P should have been at the top of this list. $800, now $700, it’s the best tv under 1K period.

Kaos Perez says:

2018 QLED6 49″FN ITS AMAZING sound and pic

Alex Cervantes says:

Vizio P series for sure. It is amazing

xCookieJ x says:

TCL 65in R615 for $899 or NU8000 65in for $999 or 65in visio p-series for $999 or 65in Q6F for $1100 ???
I’m torn between these 4 and the prices are so close on them at my local best buy. Which would you pick.

hotadeff says:

Have you seen the Vizio p series. I had narrowed my selection to the tcl and the Vizio p series 2018 model. So I went to rtings to see how they ranked the I also compared to the Sony 900f. All three was close. I can’t recall the reason but I added up the Vizio p score divided it and got an overall score equal to the Sony yet it’s overall was one point lower on the site. My math say they both should be 8.3

Allyson XtreMe says:

I bought an q6fn for an price under $1000,00. Iam Braziliam this cost R$ 3860 in 24 X (interest-free).

Never Around says:

I bought a 70 inch LG UHD 4k for 787 I fell absolutely in love with it especially gaming it best steal in a while

Aadi says:

Hey Quantum, Amazing content! I was thinking of getting a 75 inch for my living room, unable to decide between samsung QN75Q7F and Sony XBR75X850E or you think I should save some more for 75X900F or just go with a 65inch either 65x900e (almost 800 bucks cheaper than x900f) or 65x900f. Please advise thanks 🙂

GlockNinja says:

No Visios?

Bill Baggio#10 says:

I grabbed an samsung mu7000(8000 us) as its a great allrounder. This years NU is 8bit where last years MU is 10bit. The sony 900e is the one i would go for in the US.

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