Best 4K TV For Gaming! LG Super UHD Nano Cell TV Review

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The Actual Joker says:

Very affordable

Sam Sly says:

The pronunciation of Gerrard made me die inside

Sudesh Quinn says:

That setup on the background thoo… goals af frank!

Tylertron 21 says:

Is nano cell the same as quantum dot?

Hamish Easener says:

most 4k tv’s are under $1000

ZenZory Overload says:

Lg’s nano cell displays are way better than Samsung’s quantum panels imo and its not stupidity overpriced…

Tom Brown says:

What if you don’t have money or friends?

Jer0m3 3rron says:

What is the point of this? A roku tv with the exact same key things in this LG tv is cheaper

Erythrocyte says:

I thought by “Under $1000” it meant like $700-800. Not $996 lmao

Jubair194 says:

This is not a review. You didn’t say anything bad, obviously paid by LG.

Léo Gammel says:

Can’t wait for the next studio tour/setup video ! Your setup is getting some nice additions lately 😀

tech dude 1.1 says:


M.N Wilkinson says:

I wonder how will look when playing an Xbox One X.

MrBrickhouse says:


FusionLive says:


PeakLegacy says:

Quick, watch the video without thinking about frank blinking.

Ttyme1616 says:

i got my 50 inch vizio d50u-d1 for 250$ lol. its 4k and has a 15ms game mode as well.

Peter Vargas says:

I would rather spend that kind of money on another pc build.

AlphaNova_ says:

Randomfrankp. More like random dank knee

:think ing: says:

1400€ in germany bruh

ReMedY says:

Can someone tell me if the Samsung UE49MU7000 is good ? Wanted to go for it. Have heard that it is extremely good and also for gaming.

Deon Spates says:

Nice TV Frank! Your videos are always the best!!!

Laughing Cheeze says:

Looks awesome but, do you have to update it before you can even use it? ^^

NOVA Guy says:

I don’t need 4k, I’m fine with 1080. yeap yeap I’m sure am. All of these companies just wanting our money and for small improvements. When holograms come out then ask me for my money and I will throw it at you for sure!

Colter Haws says:

Hey I love your vids on the room projects. I have never been interested until I watched your vids on them. My theme is all white and blue. If you read this, how much is a normal person going to spend on a gaming setup?

R H says:

Wow ugliest remote award

PenguinDropings says:

Dude. What is your tv console furniture? And that plant base … jesus. Do an episode of your entertainment set up.

Jubair194 says:

The screen looks pentile af

Adam Brookes says:

Where do I get the shape in the corner at 0:15?

Eldyn van Dijk says:

sry to say this, but you were a little to close to the camera XP

DynestiGTI says:


Sum Luck says:


H3bbis says:

Ive seen a couple of LG sponsored nano cell tv reviews and they all feel like LG provides the list of things to go through, this included. Yes, better viewing angles but no one talks about black levels. That is the only thing I want to hear. Nano cell’s biggest weakness is black levels and that is the trade off you have to make and why no one talks about it. You have to choose between wider viewing angle and deeper blacks, LG vs rest of the competition. Oled is the only way to get best of both worlds. The trade off is bigger price tag

X4 Gaming says:

I bought my KS8000 55″ 4K tv for under $1000… it was $999

Ourpocynical Playz says:

15 ms…. I’m never touching an Xbox ever again

ToniOrange says:

is there a good upscaler? 🙂

Benoît says:

+randomfrankp i’m not convinced! Tell LG to send me one, please. ^___^;

PSU Calculator says:

Very nice!

Richard zinck says:

too bad it doesn’t have HDMI 2.1 with a 120hz panel

Danny Aye says:

You know this is an ad when he shows the rtings page and doesn’t mention that they scored it’s local dimming at 1.5 but he shows the 10 for resolution scores smh, unsubbed.

Eagle Eyes 27 says:

2 DAYS!?!

Nagakabouros GOD says:

Nice video like! 🙂

ali ali says:

This looks like a nice TV. But I don’t see how it’s any better then Samsung’s $1000 4k tvs.

A Riz says:

I didn’t know you watched Marquez brownlee

saints FPS says:

A easier way to see if the tv is good, well going much more in depth, look at it on

Olivier says:

Really nice review! Studio tour soon? 🙂

Sadiq Yusuf Lawal says:

Hisense 4k tv for £350. Worth it but not as good as this. Still brilliant though

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