Best 4k HDR Gaming TVs of 2017 –

Best 4k HDR Gaming TVs of 2017
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Best Budget 4k:
Samsung MU6300:

Best Mid-Range LED:
Sony X900E:
Samsung MU8000:

Best High-End:

HDR Gaming is getting increasingly popular with the release of the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. In this video we’re going to go over the best TVs from the 34 HDR compatible models we’ve tested so far in 2017.

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Best Budget TV (0:31)
Best Mid-range TV (1:35)
Best High-end TV (2:37)
Notable mentions (3:22)
Conclusion: (4:19)


Buffalo Eskate says:

BEST 55″ 4K TV FOR ONLY $299!!!!

Ruben Torres says:

They hate on the Z9D so much. The 75″ has much better motion than the 65″ but they won’t test one. If there was a difference between OLED sizes they’d be testing it right away, just saying.

maxx pain says:

Who wins ?

john sparten says:

Burn in?wtf?

J F says:

We all know that the best tvs are the ones with the lowest bleep blorps and the deeper AGAH BLAGH BLAGH. It’s out on some planets.

alllemak says:

so samsung q7f isnt good?i am between 900e and q7f…for pc movies , tv and pc gaming…900e 55” 1300euros , q7f 55” 1400euros…what to do??? helppp

Cap Elo says:

After weeks of reviews this is perfect. I have the x900e but i want a bigger better tv but x930e just skyrocketed in price by 1k. So im left with going to a possible burn in oled or a samsung mu8000 or 90000 because i dont want a bigger version of my current tv. It doesnt get that bright but its awesome

Angel Salinas says:

What about the vizio m series?


Is the sony x940e good at hdr gaming with sony ps4 pro? Or is the amount of motion blur un acceptable.

hyou zan ren says:

Get new tv using This! Money well spending!

Warren Joseph says:

Do yourselves a favor and go on Craigslist or eBay and buy a 1080p plasma tv. may not be 4K but it’s the best gaming tv money can buy for cheap. but if you want 4K tv to game on and have the cash. go buy a OLED tv.

JD Gatlin Jr says:

I have the vizio m55-e0 and on your guys site it shows it to have slightly less lag with 4k hdr then 1080. But gaming on the Xbox one x in 1080 feels 10 times more responsive then in 4k hdr. Do you know why this is??

Romeo salvatore says:

What about Q8F samsungs can test that model for local diming

superwrestler07 says:

Where’s is the Sony 930e?

DeTodoaLoTico says:

Is any of the Mid range you mentioned MU800, x900E any better than the TCL P ? is it worth the extra money?

USS Kiyone says:

So your top pick for gaming TV is an OLED and then you say later don’t get an OLED for gaming? Every game has a map or health bar that stays put during gaming burn in IS not just a concern but a reality. Is there a calibration or the equivalent of a degaussing feature on any OLED?

chris lynch says:

Please answer me this question someone. Does the TCL P Series (P607) have freeview uk channels because I want to buy this tv

faheem gulzar says:

TCL P6 65″ is available in Pakistan for over $1200 should i move onto it from LG55uh8500

13guns says:

Really love an oled. Screen burn is putting me off. Play a lot of Fifa,ufc and madden. All have static bars. Just want a good picture,good hdr movies and games.

Paul Cotton says:

Haven’t ever seen burn in on oled. I have the c7 and c6.

Whistling Willie says:

what about the ks8000

Roland Rohde says:

What about the Philips POS9002? Or the Sony XE93?

Misterzen87 says:

Hi could anyone help me in my country there is no 900e just 9005c and the lg exists as b7d

Kevin Saeed says:



lol mu8000 not a fucking mid range tv wtf i got my shit for 1300$ so in what fucking world its mid range tcl cost like 400 or 500$ lol get ur shit straight rtings fucking useless channel always telling everyobdy dim their tv what retards

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