Best 4K HDR Budget TV Buying guide in 2018

If you are looking to buy a 4K HDT TV but dont want to break your wallet, this video is for you, these are the best budget 4k HDR TVs of 2018 from Samsung, LG, Vizio and Hisense, prices starting from $340 dlls up to $600 dlls depending on size and brand.

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just_another_n3rd says:

I’m between the tcl r6 or the hisense h9e plus. Personally I’m a fan of the soap opera effect so the 120hz on the hisense is whats pulling me towards that one. Would there be much of a picture quality difference between the hisense and the tcl?

Mac3 Media says:

I got the Samsung mu 8000 49″ for 474.99 at bestbuy…that’s how you shop


So I play games on Xbox one I’m getting a x soon and I wanna game on a monitor.. what’s a good monitor that is future proof for when the Xbox Scarlett comes out

Brett M says:

The TCL 5 series is a good TV but of you get it make sure you pick the 55 mainly due to the fact the 43 and 49 both lack some features that the bigger TV’s have.

Brady Wittmer says:

This was helpful, thanks for the vid. I’ll probably skip 4K til the new Xbox and PS drop. I’m looking at a LG 1080p tv right now. I still have a 720p tv. It’s 32” and says it can display 1080p, but that was proven wrong by setting it up next to a true 1080p tv with the same game on both. The difference was night and day

Playstation Psi says:


CJ S says:

TCL is no brainer. You’re concerned with WiFi and Bluetooth on hinense? Haha, but you recommend it. Nah. 7 series LG is at costco for $899 65 inch. Usually 1200 bucks, but promotion at Costco, so you couldn’t know at time of video, if anyone interested.

Greg Rappa says:

Thanks for this awesome video

OLdJeRRyGaming says:

Are there true 4k movie disc out there? I heard those 4k movie disc are mostly in 2k and there wasn’t much true 4k movie disc. Movie mostly in 2k?

Camilo Ignacio Cárcamo Torres says:

Hi bro, que tal el TCL 50P62US. Tiene HDR10? tiene algun dolby? sirve para el gaming?

darren perez says:

I have a samsung 50” plasma tv. Should I upgrade?

carlos wata says:

That hisens 9 plus sound interesting, but I can’t find more info like how many dimming zone has or if has a good peak brightnes

like it is says:

NU and MU are not Q leds !!!

Shaikh Firoz says:

Sony w772E go for it

bigmanolo26 says:

Some of those TVs are looking really good especially that Hisense. Definitely need a 60″ or bigger

One unspoken rule abt buying a tv… You never go smaller u either go the same size u already own or bigger

Collins467 says:

What’s the best budget 4k tv for console gaming? I have ps4 pro

Anik Ganguly says:

Hey loved this video mate, I bought my 4k TV last week and there is this another blog I found, actually, it’s about the 4 principal rules before buying a 4K tv which helped me a lot as well, Check it out, Hope it helps 😀

Dominik Wescott says:

If you’re on a budget just buy a TCL P6 series and call it day.

LucidX says:

I got a TCL 55C803 and it’s great it was $300 has hdr10 and Dolby HDR plus a wide color gamut God of War looks way better on it than my friends 1000 dollar samsung

KontryBoy706 says:

I have YET to pull the trigger. At this point I might as well wait until black friday lol. Man…. this 2008 1080p tv has served well lol.

P R says:

Avoid the TCL 5 series. They have banding issues. Returned 3 to best buy. Ended up with the LG 50UK6300PUE. The picture is great. Whites look white. Blacks look black.

Kev Collier says:

What is local deeming?

Benito Cardenas says:

What do u think about the 78″ Samsung curve 4k ..I recently purchased one..

Skeletor Five says:

Thanks again for the awesome reviews. Keep the videos coming

samtech says:

Where is sony

Hiro Nito says:

For budget tv, either get Vizio P55-F1 or TCL r617. Just beware of banding issue on TCL.

Евгений Мандзюк says:

Joelster – hi
What you think, what TV buy better for game – VIZIO P65-E1 or TCL 65R617.? I read many forumscomments and P65-E1 have more negative reviewscomment, have problem with horizontalvertical artifact, flashing white line and other. TCL dont have many negative reviews or i bad search. I want TV for PS4 pro – 65% game time, 35% film watch.

Kingbutch says:

What is the input lag on the HiSense

hijazi alqauod says:

which is better LG 55ks7900 (650€) 2018 or Samsung 55mu7009(825€)2017.
can anyone help me. I can’t make a decision

Charlie Blue says:

Your Video and Sound are superb, you are my fave reviewer. I bought lg c8 I absolutely love it. Dolby Vision and Atmos are incredible

Eddie R says:

Hey Joe-ker, I’m looking for a 49/50 mid range 4k TV for a bedroom. It’s mostly dark but sometimes has light. I want the best quality I can get at a budget price

84trombone says:

I brought that Samsung tv that was mentioned in the video and right out of the box, the screen has an internal crack in it so now I have to take it back for a refund smfh.

Ghost Protocol says:

@joslester I really like ur reviews and I need ur help. I wanna buy a 43 inch 4k tv but I m really confused as to which one I shud buy. I first thought tcl was good but I saw a lot of reviews and ppl said the one they got had a lot of faults plus I need a tv with high refresh rate for gaming plz suggest a good tv thanks

Randy Bradley says:

Not worth getting a Samsung seeing that they are not going to support the industry standard Dolby Vision.

Ray Deuces says:

I bought the Hisense and I would say the Android interface is quite snappy nothing like what I have seen with Sony TVs on some of the videos I’ve seen , so I wouldn’t agree with you on that point.

Miguel Rosa says:

TCL 5 Series is awesome for the price! I have one and games look great. Plan on getting the R617 later on for the living room. Vizio E Series 2018 is great too at the same price point but lacks a wide color gamut.

Johan 504 says:

Amazing as always!

RMCF says:

watching it on my sony x900e =)

victor burgos says:

Great channel! But waht happened with the TCL R617??

arun kumar says:

Pls. Suggested low budget range picture quality is the right choice mi tv4 pls……. Suggest

Ritish Prasad says:

Do not buy samsung, if u r a sound lover. It has no dts decoder.

Fernando Garcia says:

Did you just stole quantum apotheosis ending? Wow

Stefan Stojkovic says:

Hello, I have been researching for the last couple of days for my new TV so I have question. KS8000 or Q6FN or MU8000 (49inch and yes I am Samsung fanboy)?

shehroz sandhu says:

the only question i have is what is best for console gaming plz reply

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