Apple TV 5th Gen…SAVE YOUR CASH!

Apple TV 5th Generation 4K review! SAVE YOUR CASH!
The Apple Event 2017 happened yesterday where the Apple TV 5th gen / generation, iPhone 8 / 8 plus and x / 10 and the apple watch 3rd gen were announced! Todays videos looks at the apple tv 5 vs possible amazon 3rd generation products and android tv box etc! Before the unboxing and full specs review of the apple tv 5th gen, comes my opinion on the announcement at the Apple Event 2017!

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Mark Nother says:

For a streaming channel you missed atv5 biggest issue , Apple have removed the USB C port which means no side loading Kodi

mave01uk says:

I wouldn’t guarantee Apple TV is going to be around £130 mark as, watch & phone don’t convert. I.e iPhone X $999, which would be around £750. But is being told for £999 POUNDS!! I am an apple user, and was going to get the apple X & watch 3rd series. But when I found that out, was disgusted with Apple. Iphone £250 extra for being in the UK, with a longer delivery time. Same with the watch, but with less carries on the phone connectivity. I.e 1, which is EE, and still might not work till October. Absolutely disguising!!! Think I’ll spend my money on a Mi Mix 2, as I’ve already got a decent android box. Anyone want to buy my Apple TV, max pro, and possible iPhone Plus

Ralph Brown says:

Who has a good copy of it

halafax25 says:

not Apple fan

Cameron Kord says:

I have the latest Apple TV. Streaming is streaming. I’m not fussy. If I could get my $200 back I would. Won’t buy another apple device again. Expensive. Does what everything else does. The draw I see is that all devices connect with each other.

KaraokeDuov2 says:

Apple is mocking Windows. Windows 7, 8, 10? Just a thought.

Andrew Burwood says:

Apple seem to have had an issue with pricing. They can’t convert from dollars to Stirling across the range. 4K Apple TV from $179 in US and from £179 in U.K. Same with iPhone X which is priced from $999 in US and £999 in U.K. Someone is making a fast buck out of us Brits.

Chris Watson says:

It’s £179 for the 32gig and £189 for the 64 gig.

riggsmed says:

IF apple takes market share from Amazon, it will be his 4K movie pricing scheme and greater support for HDR, not the apple tv 4K device itself. Although the support for Dolby vision is a nice touch. If Amazon comes out and matches Apples 4K pricing and provides as many HDR choices, I don’t think apple will gain any of the movie rental and purchasing market share from amazon. The ball is in Amazon’s court right now and we’ll have to see how they respond.

ACM says:

Pass I bought the last Apple TV and it was the biggest mistake I never use it, I replaced it with a nvidia shield tv

Jack McVey says:

Sorry, meant fire tv box

Colleena Lucas says:

I am a Amazon / Android fan through and through!
I never cared for Apple.
And especially where Amazon takes the top when it comes too the fire TV or firestick.

Cheryl Ryning says:

I’ve always thought that anything Apple was too expensive, I’m just not into buying a name. Performance is more important to me. Thanks for your honest review ASBYT, dollar for dollar, and performance, I’ll stick to my android toys thank you! 😉

cynthia berry says:

Don’t know much about apple tv. would not buy apple or roku..thanks nice the way could not install echo wizard..could not find to zip file you mentioned…help?

skykid3 says:

Android all day long baby!

Richard Madero says:

I was never an apple fan.

Warren S. says:

I like the 4k HDR10 support, and Dolby vision,. But the fact it’s not Android,. I bet I can get an update for my Nvidia shield TV , and the other APKs, I need Android TV!

Genial Harry Grout says:

You’re getting closer and closer to your Youtube award. any closer and you will bang your head on it. Great review of the Apple box, by the way. Apple users will go for this, Apple users will buy Apple products just because.

Sue Morin says:

Could you find out what’s going on with Elysium for Kodi? Pleaseeeeee

Rhonda Walker says:

hi there.I would like to know what you think is the best mid priced android box.I have been using v88 but they are freezing up on me after a while on opening screen.would like your suggestions

Joel Close says:

Thanks for your honest opinion, I totally agree. Next box for me will be the Nvidia Shield.

Homebody Todd says:

Kinda like Windows10 but not for free …

Paul Ladbrook says:

Was an Apple ‘whore’ for a few years but but i see the light

Hip-IO says:

I don’t know what I would do with a Apple TV besides add Plex. Love that with my AndroidTV, I can sideload apps that aren’t officially supported. They may or may not work, but at least I have the option to try.

Techie T. nYc says:

I’m great with putting Kodi on the Apple TV and it lasting longer then 7 days. But once its up there it’s all about the build. I’m looking into it getting the Apple TV for $149.99 for the 32GB, you won’t need anything more then that.

neil mcclure says:

going for Amazon

Christopher Johnson says:

I have almost 200 movies on iTunes. Already worth it to upgrade just from that free 4K HDR upgrade.

JES Smith says:

Not for that price. Amazon all the way!

Justin Holmes says:

Day one purchase for me, I use my 4th Gen all the time but it looks a bit soft on my 4K TV. I generally pay for my content so have no use for Kodi

anj2099 says:

Nope waiting Amazon’s new product apple is not for me.

Paul Turner says:

Dont understand people that buy i this and i that, i poo!!
On another subject! Not a fan of builds as you get so many addons that you dont want. Today I installed the ‘Phenomenal’ skin from the Smash wizard and its the dogs nads. It feels like a build but with the advantage of nothing but your choice of addons, well happy.

Sarah Grover says:

Hey I side loaded mobdro a couple days ago and as you said in your video at the time in the sept “jailbreak” vid that the service may stop working if they update the link… well i think that happened cause everytime i open the app on my tv it loads forever and then says “oops you reached the end of the file” how do i fix this?…..

CalikoTube says:

Why don’t the iHaters mention the thousands of dollars in free 4k movies we’re getting?
Don’t tell me to “save my money” when all my 250+ movies will be upgraded for free. At $199 getting $2750 in free upgrades is well worth it and that’s disregarding 4k gaming and other apps.

jamespurs says:

Buying the iPhone X and the Apple TV 4k because I am a dirty Apple whore

Alan Allen says:

I’m considering buying it because I intend to buy 4K digital content. With the price break on 4K movies and the free upgrades, this device will pay for itself pretty quickly at $10 per movie. Since I buy a lot of movies, it’s a strong motivator for me. I watch TV with Playstation Vue (which is supported), and also Netflix and Amazon. Not a lot else, so it works for me. For someone who is not inside those specific parameters , I might concede it has limited advantages.

אמיר גלמן הפקות says:

Isn’t it funny, even windows threw 9 out of the window. Can only guess it’s because it’s not a visually satisfying number. It’s an “almost” number. Almost 10. I think that’s the case

troutbum86 says:

I’ll buy it. I have far to many apple products not to. But mainly I already subscribe to so many things that it won’t limit me. I have prime I have Netflix I have all the sports packages I have hbo and stars. This is just another platform to watch what I already pay for. Looking to put it out on the garage tv so I can watch the games with the neighbors.

Techie T. nYc says:

Support? My question is if I have a TV that is 1080p NONSmart TV and I hook up this new Apple TV 4K HDR will I see the 4K HDR push through onto the 1080P TV? Or will I have to get a 4K HDR TV as well?

Hector Rodriguez says:

I feel the same way. I have an iPhone but for streaming amazon and other than apple is the way to go… i personally have a nvidia shield…..

FranklinVideoInc says:

So… Nvidia Shield has been out with 4K for quite a while. I love the Android OS… Lots to choose from. Apple beefed up the performance of this new device. How does it compare performance wise to the Nvidia Shield?

freddywayne says:

Apple TV works better than the competition. Period. I’m still staying with Amazon Fire TV because I’m dedicated to Android software but, Apple TV is a more premium & polished product between the two.

Warren Frost says:

can u put bluestacks on apple boxes

Oscar Mercado says:

I have Apple TV and used to have xbmc on it. I took it off and just have it how it comes. After your help on downloading Kodi on my fire tv stick! I just stick to amazon tv stick. Thank you Mr. Asbyt! Good Job!

usmale47374 says:

I’ve been around a lot longer than Apple, yet I’ve never purchased an Apple product. Far too expensive and Apple displays far to little concern for people who purchase their products. For example, almost ever part of Apple computers are built with proprietary components, which makes their products extremely expensive to service, especially for DIYers. Third-party hardware for Apple devices doesn’t exist, for the most part, and software is limited. Apple is too full of itself and, to be honest, so are many of the people who purchase Apple products.

Richard Burke says:

Got a nvidia shield downstairs and Apple TV gen 4 upstairs and love em both, quality is superb and there’s plenty of apps and ways to get all you need on the Apple TV!! Good video though..

Quenton Ball says:

After having hijacked Jack McVey’s response, it seems that I can now originate a comment.

My most sincere apologies, Jack!

I’m glad to see your review of Apple TV. I recently began using one as part of a package deal. I think it stinks! The remote touch pad is far too sensitive. I was given a BT keyboard device that pairs and (sometimes) allows me to enter text, but it is far easier to use my iPhone or iPad but they don’t really give adequate presentation of other controls, primarily volume, but the AppleTV lacks controls long in use for cable tv remotes such as mute, last channel toggle, etc. FWIW I have several Amazon FireTVSticks that I find much more user friendly.

Having not been able to post for some time, I want to digress to thank you for the IPVanish tip. I signed up before their latest deal and missed the savings, but I am very pleased with the service which I use on my FireStick, my iPhone, iPad, and desktop systems. There is almost no discernible performance degradation except when initiating a download. Thereafter it is seamless. A very small price to pay for the service.

Neil mark Taylor says:

At the moment Amazon 4k is pretty limited compared to Netflix and still few films it depends on apple tv if you can rent 4k film’s and how many they will be

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