Apple TV 4K: Unboxing & Review

In-depth unboxing and review of the Apple TV 4K.

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RACHE says:

Just want iphone x,razer phone,pixel 2 review from mike

staraffinity says:

Must say that LG TV looks beautiful in the dark. No logo or glowing LED light distractions on the front.

The Clashers says:

will this work in my imac 2017 27″

DaltLegend Gaming says:

Still waiting for the iPhone X Unboxing. But i bet its a great one. 🙂

Mochamad Rizky says:

good review for apple tv.

Kristopher Michaels says:

I did not know how many cool things I can do with my 4K Apple TV. Thanks so much.

Matthew Lang says:

Where’s your iPhone X unboxing?

MaguireYT says:

mike you going to do an unboxing of the Xbox One X????

Urvil Joshi says:

In Apocalypse*
Be like Mike : “What’s the weather like Tomorrow?”

Julio César García Mendiola says:

*dick play good science fiction movie*

Orlando Mascorro says:

Should I buy the 2017 OLED or is the 2016 good enough?

Ibrahim Sajid says:

Where is the iphone 10

David Trafela says:

Hey, download my amazing app!! It converts YouTube videos to mp3 files and you can download file now or do it later on another device.

Joseph Tafur says:

I can’t wait for your iPhone X review.

MrFunnpun says:

What do you think about ST: Discovery, Michael?

Guy Gabbay says:

@DetroidBORG Where is the iPhone X in-depth unboxing?

SING - Unreleased says:

Please produce an iphone x unboxing video.

kushal mehta says:

The peel of the side was so satisfying.

freebandz f says:

what is the point of a Apple TV if you have a smart tv and ps4 and xbox?

Shahidul Alam says:

Upload a iPhone X unboxing & review video

Dani Octarian says:

where’s your iPhone X???

M-Bimmer says:

2 vids back to back now Mike. Thanks for all the hard work.
What a bummer that the apple TV only supports dolby vision at 30 hz on the LG E6. This is a deal breaker for me.
I believe that we get dolby vision @60hz with Netflix built in app. Or am i wrong here?


What is the name of that movie at 4:40

ryujinjakk4 says:

Apple goes all out on the Apple TV, packing it with features. If only they did that with iPhone too

Benjo Auza says:

Great review again, I cannot wait to se your iPhone X review.
But also I’m still waiting the MacBook Pro 13″ base model without the touchbar review.
Once again great job!

Bill Humason says:

The best vid..

Scott Karrasch says:

Wow, Guardians looks incredible in 4K

Vinnie Sims says:

In love with these videos, Mike. Don’t ever stop! 🙂

luke ermer says:

Apple is the best

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