Apple TV 4K: Unboxing and Setup Review! (2017)

Unboxing New Apple TV 4K HDR with Siri Remote. 5th Generation TV Reviewed and Unboxed in this 2017 Setup Video. Featuring an A10X CPU, 4K HDR, & a new Touch-based Siri Motion Remote.
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► iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing:
► Apple iPhone 8 Unboxing:

Details on the New Apple TV Available on Apple’s site:

Stay tuned for future coverage on the New Apple TV 4K, 5th gen, and the company’s upcoming products!

Fast Specs (4k Unboxed model)
CPU: Apple A10X Quad-Core
Storage: 32GB or 64GB of flash storage
OS: iOS-based tvOS 11

Complete Tech Specs:

NEW Apple Watch Series 3 – Unboxing & Review:

Again, stay tuned for additional details pertaining to the new Apple TV 4K series and thanks for watching!


Note: This is the 2017 Apple TV 4K, 5th Generation with Siri


PixelBlocked says:

Fuck iCrackUriDevice

bsfatboy says:

So far, no Dolby Atmos, yet. Maybe in a firmware update.

callumdrwho says:


変態VERY神 RARE愛 says:

wouldn’t you need HDMI 2.0 for the 4K to work? or does it work with a normal HDMI?

MixedBy BL says:

4k with no more kodi LOL!!!


I have a Apple TV 4 but I not getting the 4K one because I don’t have a 4K tv

Haider Shahid says:


Rafique Trains says:

Keep up the good videos

viralstufff videoz says:

You are awsome

iTechTips says:



abdul altamimi says:

no atoms, no kodi , no usb , no usb-c , common apple !

Dustin Griffith says:

The Apple TV 4k is cool. But when you put it HDR it triggers the HDR setting for everything even non HDR content blowing out the color on your 1080p collection making you turn off and HDR

Chase Greenwalt says:

Tanner ❤️☺️

Nahid Islam says:

Well… I love my Apple TV 3 remote because of its battery life. I had it since 2014 and never needed to charge/replace the battery

Dylan Elmbark says:

Tanner is back :)))

CaptainModz says:

This is a channel that was built and used for jailbreaks and stuff to that nature. Hence the name “iCrackUriDevice”.. this channel 95% of the videos are apple related products and advertising. If I wanted to learn about the new Apple TV I’d watch a review channel. Stick to the content this channel was made for.

Alan Johnson says:

I don’t see the point of buying this. Aren’t almost all 4K TVs smart?

__urztruly__ 82 says:

Better off with the nvidia shield for the extra $

FabTBC says:

Hmm, I actually thought that the white ring on the remote was an actual light.

Umar Singh says:

by any chance do you have an idea when apple will display true 4k content on youtube instead of up scaling it? from what ive read it doesnt support it

ScrawnyMexican says:


Kevin DLS says:

Do you have to pay to use this?

MPT says:


ForTech says:

I still use a chromecast ultra

Dshowtime718 says:

It would be cool if you can listen through the remote like the shield TV , was hoping for this feature

flesheatingzombie543 says:

Ew he’s back

Built4Anything says:

I wonder if I can put Kodi on this? Other than that. I guess I’ll stick with my Amazon fire tv (4k)

Thompson Vo says:

hey tanner is back

viralstufff videoz says:


Y M says:

You are so cute and nice, why don’t you show you on the video?

Bob Juniel says:

Does it play You Tube 4K? Opening a box is not the issue, the issue is, Does Apple TV Work? I only use Apple TV for You Tube, my photos and as an occasional computer monitor from my iPads. I have constant problems of the Auto speed not working and pixels dropping from 1080p down to 240p or even 144p. I had my internet checked, it is not my internet. Is there a problem with Apple TV and You Tube?

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