Apple TV 4K review

The new Apple TV can stream HD 4K TV. Apple’s new hardware puts the company on equal footing with Roku, Amazon, and Chrome, all of which already offer devices capable of 4K streaming. Apple TV 4K will be available on September 22nd for $179 with 32GB of internal storage or $199 with 64GB.

Video shot on location at the offices of OneButton (


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Joshua Beitel says:

Great review thanks! Honestly I was about to buy one before this review. This made my mind up.

Alejandro Rodriguez says:

Please Apple take this upscaling stuff out that way my sony a1e can do all the upscaling

gabriel says:

YouTube cannot be broadcasted in 4k, is that right?

Caleb Turner says:

Most biased review I’ve seen. Now give a review from a regular consumer not a tech geeks perspective. Because it’s doing me great justice.

Steven Mancera says:

I think you guys should start doing 4K YouTube uploads as well The Verge (maybe even on HDR)

Arthur Rosser says:

Does it support Vudu 4k + HDR ? Fandango Now 4k + HDR ? Amazon ? Netflix ?

UBI DRM says:

Nvidia Shield TV is dropping their price to match it by mid october if you don’t need the controller and already have those. Buy that instead.

Dilip Kumar Majhi says:


Arnie Gordon says:

Sounds like a great device, because all the things you mentioned that set it back, I don’t care about, or don’t use. Thanks.;

Trevor Clark says:

Why care about Atmos when this video, and the last few from The Verge, look like they were shot on potatoes? At 2:06, the lamps to the left and the Campbell’s soup pillow are more in focus than Nilay’s face. At least color grade the video to not look like it’s being shot through a toxic fog.

Peter Hammer says:

Most interesting Apple TV 4K review I’ve seen so far with one big caveat. Your main point, Apple’s not supporting YouTube 4K spec is lost st the end. The video editing slowly mutes the audio at the end so it’s nearly impossible to hear clearly.

CineTechGeek says:

Oh right, Apple refuses to support an open standard (VP9) when a proprietary one (H.265) exists that they are a large owner in. (i.e. they do not want a non-licensed codec to be the defacto standard.) Sound like Apple to me..

Qritical_91 says:

Overpriced and outdated, Apple in a nutshell since Steve Jobs went.

rkl08551 says:

“just say n0, people”

* you feel better

Jerod Matlock says:

Poor execution

Kainan Broen says:

So I just noticed that the xbox one x supports VP9, does it mean that Youtube will… oh nevermind google hates microsoft!

Chanchal Halder says:

He is so depressing. What is happening to the verge? 🙁

Rochad Andre says:

you just saved me 200 bucks. ill wait for the holiday maybe they might push-out an update.

Doug Moran says:

Will I be able to airplay my 4K vids from my 7+ in 4K?

MacFan2410 says:

You mean the one marvel movie?

Dark Spark says:

The main thing when talking about the Apple TV is to make sure everyone hates it

2SidedTech says:

Apples price point is ridiculous. I just use usb c to HDMI adapter to watch content from my s8.

Puneet Kaushik says:

Wow, what a review!

Jack Anderson says:

When u still gotta 1080 hd tv so…

Ben Ben says:

Yeah, Apple tv is isolated like North Korea.

David says:

There’s something about this guy. Not quite sure what it is, I just love watching his reviews.

Paul Williams says:

That apartment tho

CalikoTube says:

Atmos is coming to Apple TV. Also why is he criticizing Apple for what other companies have done? Typical anti-Apple bullshit.

Peter Almeyda 1&2 says:

Would the Apple TV 4K work well with a non 4K tv?

Gascans9736 says:

So if I don’t have a 4K TV (Plan to get one soon), would it be fine to just get myself the 1080p version? Can untrained eyes tell the difference?

Antoine Thisdale says:

Which is better then? Apple tv, Chromecast or Koku?

Bradley Martyn's Hat says:

Apple users go get shot

poobear Cretu says:

It’s been a bad harvest for apple this year.

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