Apple TV 4K review

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mymovievideos says:

I returned my 4K  tv back to the Apple store because it was very disappointing. It doesn’t even let you watch 4K videos on YouTube

Gee MeeL says:

Great and clear review!! TXS

Tony Toronto says:

Crushed in ur couch?whats ur couch made of, diamond?

Nono says:

Nice review

Sup3Rn0vz says:

What game was it that you were playing?

MarkC538 says:

It would be useful if that ring around the menu button doubled as Touch ID

christian crow says:

the price tag is not that bad when you compare it to a android tv box 3 years ago @$135 and it barely worked at all and overheated all the time , i would pick this hands down !!!!

christian crow says:

only game i wanted featured wasnt featured , (real racing 3)

Amaracea says:

*watches this one because it’s the only one with a skippable ad*

Jose A Avellanet says:

The new Apple TV is nice, but no support for YouTube, Dolby Vision only works with TV’s like LG and Sony that’s it. No Amazon Prime app so far, and the price come on, Apple $179. for the 32 gig, really? Not ready yet, I will stick with my Roku 4k and my Amazon Fire Stick!

A Sam says:


Michael Skinner says:

Shield TV is better, and has more features. For years now. And it streams/plays AAA games.

How come engadget doesn’t mention it???? Nvidia’s box is the same price, has more features, is more fluid, and has expandable storage up to 1-2 TerabytesO.o

Valias says:

I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t have more third party app support ready to go at launch with this. Netflix being the only third-party streaming app supporting 4k isn’t very good. I do like that my library will be upgraded over time though, something no one else does (they should, would be a massive draw to digital).

Cone Head says:

Hahaaa… everybody at Engadget is a ‘senior editor’. Must not hurt the feelings of anybody!

Bugside almighty says:

10 bucks a rent? yeah, not as convenient but ill keep torrenting

R C says:

My Youview box is better and can record live tv.

It also only cost me £50.00.

It can stream channels.

Apple TV isn’t worth buying until it sorts out the live TV element.

I’m waiting for the Apple TV app to work in the U.K. then I can see whether it’s worth getting an Apple TV.

Ferenc Mezga says:

This is for stupids

procekim says:

I was interested that I find out how 4k video footage made with an Iphone will play on Apple tv. How is the itunes library remastered?

Dan Becker says:

Not supporting YouTube 4K is excusably dumb.

Wayne Yii says:

VP9 is only necessary for 4K HDR. Nvidia Shield TV doesn’t have VP9 decoder, it can still playback 4K videos in Youtube.

ik4l4ni says:

Only for another $300!

landey grocks says:

I probably will never buy Apple TV but man the interface is beautiful

FatalEnd021 says:

I’d actually love to buy this for the digital 4K movies from iTunes.

Elemino Musgrove says:

There’s nothing worse than watching a video about 4K stuff in 1080p… -_-

MrDefeater94 says:

I own the 2016 Apple TV and I find myself using it less every month, basically my most used apps are iTunes store/Plex/Netflix/WWE Network. Some of the apps crash constantly and I didn’t find much useful apps on the TV store. If you’re thinking about getting one just go for the 2016 version.

Armando Aranda says:

4K HDR porn here we come.

Hazzard0 says:

Senior Editor Devindra HARDAWAR reviews the newest Hardware


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