Apple TV 4K – Hands On Review


Editor’s note: The side-by-side comparison seen in the video above was captured by a Panasonic Lumix GHB and Panasonic LUMIX Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 12-60mm 1:2.8-4.0 lens with a fixed exposure. No post-processing was used to dramatize the effect. The TV in use is a TCL 55P607 with picture settings for each input matched exactly. Results from TV to TV will vary…

It’s finally here: The Apple TV 4K. Some would say Apple is late to the party — Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast have all supported 4K for at least a year – while others would suggest Apple took its time to make a more perfect device since 4K HDR content hasn’t been widely available until now. We feel the truth is somewhere in the middle. The Apple TV 4K is not perfect, but it does several key things better than its competition.

The Apple TV 4K is fast, thanks to the A10X Fusion processor under the hood. If your internet connection can keep up, load times are lightning quick, info screens appear instantly when clicked on, and even scrolling through long ribbons of titles is remarkably smooth and speedy.

In HDR modes, the picture quality on the Apple TV 4K is outstanding. 4K content in Dolby Vision and HDR 10 looks beautiful, especially from movies on iTunes. Most non-HDR content also looks very good.

So if you’re a hardcore fan of Apple products, then we think the Apple is definitely worth the purchase. If you can live without the latest and greatest Apple product, we think that a Roku Ultra will be a better fit.


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Johann Sebastian Bach says:


Alex Maddox says:

For that price you could get a 1st Gen NVidia shield Tv that has 4k capabilities plus heavy gaming capabilities ……

73richg says:

I own a tv that supports HDR10. It does not support Dolby Vision. If the movie I purchase or rent displays that it supports 4k Dolby Vision in the movie store, does that mean that the movie will only display in 4k without HDR because my TV does not support Dolby Vision? If someone can clear this up for me I would appreciate it.

Scott Wright says:

Is it just me or is screen mirroring a big deal?

Jose A Avellanet says:

If you’re an Apple fan spend the money, people forget one thing. If you own a 4k tv, once you plug you Apple TV 2015 or either your Blu-ray player your tv will upgrade the resolution and both are going to look fantastic. Save your money for a rainy day……..


I was really glad that you went into all of the HDR talk. Thanks great review.

Richard Myers says:

Sir is Dolby atoms on board

tipoomaster says:

The demonstration on stretching content into other colour spaces proved it to me if anything, hopefully they just add the setting so you can choose to deal with a bit of flicker to switch to the native format of the content. Unless the processing of colour spaces/tone mapping just gets so good you can’t tell the difference. Informative video though.

Michael Padilla says:

There is no need to ​get/buy an Apple TV if you already have a 4K Smart TV. The only reason you buy an Apple TV it’s because of your movie library purchase. Other than that it overpriced.

The American Soccer Guy says:

Okay you can either stay apple are innovators or you can say their perfectionist but you can’t say both. Plain and simple they are late and they’re not even up to par

Jose A Avellanet says:

Great video!

Jordan Norton says:

if you only watch hdr content on the apple tv, there wont be any problems right?

OffTheBeatenPath says:

How do I watch 1080p on iPhone?

Liran Latin says:

“Micro usb” LOL ! It is a usb-c man.

Joseph Pardue says:

It is fast because you have a very fast internet connection. Slow connection, does not matter which box you use.

UttR Concrete says:

I’m surprised that Apple came out with a ATV refresh, they normally wait about 4 years to refresh it.

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