New 2017 Apple TV 4K (5th generation) – FULL In-Depth Review!

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Aadam Sherazi says:

I don’t think 4K as a whole is very amazing. I have a 1080p Apple TV, which is use with my 4K TV. Buying the 4K tv was a no brainer, it was cheap, cheaper than a 1080p is normally. I don’t see the difference between 4K and 1080p. And I’m 16, my eyesight is better than average, 30/20


youtube does support 4k look

A Rodriguez says:

Nvidia shield tv pro is the way to go when it comes to streaming 4k plus you can get kodi

MineGhost says:

Watching on apple TV 4k :/

Sign Guy says:

I just watched you in-depth review of Apple TV 4K.  I really liked what you had to say about it and why you thought it was a great device to use.  I currently have the 4th gen Apple TV and was seriously considering purchasing the new 4K.  After seeing your review, I think I will.  Thanks and keep up the great work!

Anthony Harik says:

Hey you crab some popcorn

Adam Gobin says:

I’m glad you did this review…probably the only apple product upgrade I am going to hold off on haha. Thank God for your awesome reviews and popcorn 🙂

shephrd says:

Does this have a Plex app that will allow you to watch any TV or Movie file that is not from the iTunes store from an external hard drive or is it locked down, so that you can only watch downloaded content from the iTunes store?

Murtador Adewale says:

The only minus side to Apple 4K from my own perspective is you can’t install Plex Media Server on it

Yagnesh Paladugu says:

Hey! Your My Fav Tech Reviewer

Red Quiring says:

How is the remote? I bought the one before this one and had to return it cuz the remote sucked balls. I wouldn’t move side to side slow enough even though I got to settings and put it to slower moving.

Myron Fernandes says:

England is my city

Barcelona's Hot Crowd says:

Awesome review Daniel. Thank you for it. I’ve been waiting for your opinion. I love Apple TV!!!   Paul

KiraQa -* says:


Elmagodejujuy says:

I´m an Apple fan boy but I never consider to by an Apple TV. I guess I don´t see the point of getting one, besides where I live not al features are available.

aditya varma says:

Does it support full HD TV..?

Apple Juice - says:

That… NOT Dat…. other than THAT I like the channel 🙂

French Fries 28 says:

666 views… Ok.

Robberick says:

Apple tv will never support vp9 4K, it’s an inferior codec, and they will try to push everyone to HEVC. Just like with removing the headphone jack, Apple doesnt include something, which sucks at first, but will make for a better future

Im’a Potato says:

I think its ,worth the money

Drool Sheep says:

by the way, you say by the way a lot.

Teammm says:

What games do you have on Apple TV?

Mr. GARDY says:

stop with ur popcorn thing.

Yaax Arr says:

it is worth it ! ty for your great review

TrollBlockable says:

I am having too much popcorn

Alex Raven says:

Hi! I currently don’t have a 4K TV but, will at some point. But, can I use this on my current TV(not a smart TV) & would I have to make changes in the setting to make it look right?

FieryBlaze King says:


Juan Mm says:

Not worth it

Naif Ragaban says:

I think its not worth it having a smart tv but still a must have cause its from apple.

ModGamer 05 says:

What mbps speed is needed?

David Power says:

Vidoes are great but pleeeease…. in-dePth not in-deft review. It’s like nails on chalkboard to me when I hear it in each video.


Thanks for the honest review.
Zone of Tech you’re cool as hell.

Amithkumar BG says:

To late to review

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