Apple TV 4K Complete Review [4K]

Here is Apple TV 4K Complete Review and comparison to Apple TV 4th Generation.

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Flavian says:

the screaming! jesus

Gheorghe Gheorghiuorghiu Dej says:

Fuck You whit your loud ass stupid shit Satan music

Touching Evil says:

Its CRAP! If you active hdr it shows hdr in all even thats not hdr WTF!!

Enes İO says:

Iphondo beyciğim Samsung Note 8 den sonra Samsung’un akıllı saatini, gear s3 , de incelermisin .Birde note 8 iphone 8 karşılaştırma bekliyoruz . teşekkürler kendine iyi bak . Oldu bilirim . tamam . by

omar0555 says:

Why are you yelling at us? 🙁

khalid soofi says:

Great review – just what I was waiting for to finally help me decide!

durai prasanth says:

That’s good one 1:38

Carlo Borja says:

This guy is hilarious. Probably the only apple tv 4k review I watched till the end. Hahaha

Peckham Chanel says:

Apple TV- complete shit

Doug Moran says:

Great, funny video. I learned a lot. Thanks.

zimon_nt b says:

Please make a review of go pro hero 6 black. Your tests reveals truth

Roman Bourquin says:

Good job!

Joshua Long says:

That thing is like a Mac mini but running TV OS in a sense. Even has a fan.

Anthony Rizzo says:

would buying a 4k HDR movie on Apple TV look as good as an actual 4k disc played on a 4k player?

Reşit KOÇ says:

Hoşçakalın mı 🙂

Sean The Right Way says:


InabilityToBeBrief says:

Just bought the Amazon Fire announced yesterday for $70.

Pietro Di Meglio says:

Hahah that cut to Tim Cook and James Corden! Well done

H. A. says:

That intro made no sense. If you don’t have an Apple product chances are you don’t have an iTunes account, why would you even bother with Apple TV !

Dante XE says:

Abi sen Hayal Kahvesinde çıkmıyor muydun ya, Cuppa’ya falan gitmiyor muydun Cihangir’de, irtibata geçersen arkadaşlarının adını bile sayabilirim galiba .s.s Dinç vardır kesin

Hassan Abdulla says:

0:46 “2+2”

Siri: “Sorry , i cant help you with that”

So Genius And So Good AND 4K WOOH

Who Asked For This Sh**?

Kirk Douglas says:

Dude. I LOVE YOU! haha… best review videos EVARRRRR

Vitek Havlis says:

Why ru so screaming? 🙁

vikmarquez says:

Are you going to review the GoPro 6.???

Simi Travels says:

NOT EVEN 1 minute of video and… THUMBS UP 😀 2+2

Trey Gwaltney says:

This guy is my kind of reviewer! Please do more tech reviews outside of this Apple junk.

Danny Lo says:

Is the exclusion of Dolby Atmos a big deal?

Raj Khan says:

funny intro

raist3001 says:

Love the genius bit….i laughed so hard. You are one of the best You-tubers around…. why don’t you have millions of subscribers?!?

Rails of steel says:

You need to take a look at the new GoPro hero 6 that was just released

ismet ÖZ says:

0:39 kafayı yiyorum şdlşdldşlşdslsdşlsdşldlş

tenminutetokyo says:

Stephen Colbert is an idiot.

Dylan Garrison says:

A Doug Score of 8.5!!! I laughed so hard! Of course you’re a car guy, now I like the channel even more, thanks iPhondo!

TheTCOLL says:

How does he stream via airplay to his Mac from him TV?

Thomas Jessen says:

Why do you shout?


Can you put me a huda hook in a rocky description on your own channel and I’ll give you $ 10 for 10 days please

annt hill says:

sorry your still better off with a mac mini even the lowest model is better than the apple tv

김세훈 says:

Apple should pay you not a review it’s more like a commercial

DirectorWD40 says:

Great review. Really!  Thank you so much!

Keith Estima says:

what can you do on this that you can’t do on a ps4 or xbox one? common now this is a waste of money.

Detleth says:

I don´t think they´ll add 4K YouTube to Apple TV 4K, as Apple don’t like VP9…

stillmangal says:

bence yada daha dogrusu bana göre en iyi set top box nvidia shield tv. Ama I left a like cünkü videonun production valuesi cok yüksek. Gercekten benim gördüyüm en iyi tech videolarini yapan türk youtuber sensin.

CalikoTube says:

“Hopefully fixed in an update”. Of course only Apple gets blamed for other companies’ problems. YouTube doesn’t support the industry 4k standard it’s up to YouTube NOT Apple to fix this in an update.

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