All Samsung 2018 4k TVs Compared –

Overview of the Samsung TV brand and their lineup of models sold in 2018.

Samsung NU6900
Samsung NU7100
Samsung NU7300
Samsung NU8000
Samsung NU8500
Samsung Q6FN
Samsung Q7FN
Samsung Q7CN
Samsung Q8FN
Samsung Q9FN
Samsung The Frame 2018

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For most 2018 Samsung models, international variants share the same model code.
US NU6900 – UK NU7020 – equivalent not available in some regions
The international NU7400/NU7500 isn’t currently available in the US, so we don’t know how it compares.
We expect the US Q8FN to be equivalent to the Q8DN in Europe.

Brand overview (00:04)
NU6900 (00:55)
NU7100/NU7300 (01:30)
NU8000/NU8500 (01:56)
Q6FN (02:46)
Q7FN/Q7CN (03:14)
Q8FN (03:46)
Q9FN (04:18)
The Frame (04:43)
Summary (05:11)


V. Ozel says:

Can you help, how i can unlock the bluetooth of EU43NU7122KXXH

Gaming king says:

At the end you missed the samsung q6fn

Mauro Corti says:

Great info and video overall, but if I may: STOP doing that movement with your left hand. Man it gets on my nerves!!!

Mike Normansell says:

Does anyone know the nits hdr peak brightness for the Samsung ue65nu7470? Asked Samsung and they do not know this information, i have done some tests from YouTube and appears to be above 1000 nits but I’m not convinced myself

Pawuun says:

While I love your content I’m disapointed, since 49 inch is the highest I want to go in size but have to take the lower hz-count. That is quiet annoying. Also I’m living in germany which means I would get only 50 hz as far as I’m aware (NU 7100 or NU 8000). Does anyone of you guys know, if that would be a problem regarding gaming in 60 fps? It would appear so to me.

Sweet-Jay says:

I got a q6fn for the same price as a NU8000, very happy with the TV and deal.

xylikiticatacoltyx says:

lol i like how he moves

Arnaldur Bjarnason says:

great video but the presenter really needs to relax, I get all tense listening to how tense he is.

roof pizza says:

And the internet surfing is beyond disgusting.

Carlos Rodrigo says:

And the NU7400??????

Fatih Erkoç says:

is NU7400 is the same tv with the 7300?

Jeffrey Johnson says:

Man 65 inch Nu8000 or 55 inch Q6FN for same $1,000

Michael H says:

oled users triggered by static images

Lee Lucas says:

Yeah they have this and that but none of Samsung’s 2018 models have DTS. How on earth can they say any of these new models are an improvement.

Salimov Benoki says:

Tour opinion nu 7475 is good yes ou non?

jose matias says:

A gut like to know more info aboud the Samsung UN55NU6900FXZA IS THIS TV IS A REAL 120HZ MOTION OR FAKE AND DO YOU THINK THE PRICE OF $448 PLUS TAX IS GOOD or bad FOR THIS 55′ TV

Mick Doyle says:

Can anyone tell me if they have used the nu7100 if it’s worth buying

GuestOfGregoryHouse says:

Daniel, your shirt is a bit too small for you mate

Ludo Looijenga says:

Thank you. This video helped me decide. I went for the 55NU8000

Franky Franky says:

How is the q7 nits higher than the q8 ?????????

David Jimenez says:

So I dont wanna spend a crazy amount of money but the nu8000 is my target how does it do in the dark?

8bitbeats says:

I’m torn between the 55″ NU8000, or dropping the extra 200 bucks for the QHDR Q6f. Can anyone help me make a decision? I’m using it mostly for gaming, and it will be in a dark room.

Sean Gibson says:

I found a great deal on the 65″ Q6FN and got it for $1100. I absolutely love it. It really excels in bright scenes and gaming with the awesome gaming features. Samsung hit it out of the park with all of the QLED models!

Wesley I'oeuille says:

the nu8000 or q6f??
im a gamer

Rad Sr says:

LG OLED is better and has a future. There is no serious improvement for LED TVs on sight.

Sakis 007 says:

What is your opinion about this model Samsung UE50NU7402..??

bro man says:

Hello. I need your help. How about samsung 55 nu7400. I want to buy it but is it okay? I want to know pros n cons pls urgent

omanitoo says:

What about the nu7400?

Lukas Meggs says:

This would be awesome with LG and Sony Tv’s!

Ali Ramirez Ruiz says:

What’s the difference between NU8500 and NU7500? Both are curved, the specs seem pretty much the same but there’s a big gap on the price, NU7500 is much cheaper where I live. Is it worth it going for the NU8500?

King Novus says:

If qled is almost the same price with oled,then go for oled.

Christopher Walker says:

What about Panasonic tv fx750 as a good alternative for gaming & movies? 49 screen

James Lindsey says:

What is the difference between a 7100 and 7200?
I see a 7200 for sale but I can’t figure out what the difference is

Romantic Donkey says:

I’ll buy the 65” Q9FN in 2 years when it’s on sale for $1k

Riz Sharif says:

Went with the UE65NU8000 couldnt justify the price difference between the 65 and 75 so decided for the 65…

psyko444 says:

Nu8000 or q6fn? They have same price in my country

Amine Ove says:

I bought the NU8000 im very satisfied lovely tv

spndrp says:

Timestamps anyone?

T Chowdhury says:

Compare the whole range with Sony’s range

Roxanna Corporan says:

My husband bought the NU6900. We followed the steps on your other video to enable bluetooth but we still can’t connect any device

hope truth says:

Is he handicapped?


samsung 6900 is only $379 for an entry model 4k smart television. Why waste your money on anything else when you can wait and save your money for an 8k or samsung’s micro-led 4k television?

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