All LG 2018 4k TVs Compared –

Overview of the LG TV brand and their lineup of 4k models sold in 2018

Learn about our investigation into OLED burn-in here:

LG UK6300

LG UK6570

LG UK7700

LG SK8000

LG SK9000

LG SK9500




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Model codes (00:27)
UHD 6 Series (UK6300, UK6570) (01:31)
UHD 7 Series (UK7700) (03:18)
SUHD 8 Series (SK8000) (03:44)
SUHD 9 Series (SK9000, SK9500) (04:02)
OLED (B8, C8, E8) (04:52)
Summary (06:44)


Miguel Arschlooo says:

Is vertical banding the same thing as the dirty screen effect?
because you have no tests with verticla banding on tvs

Sory my englich is very Bad i am from germany

JO3KAH says:

Gods plan

Thick Cloudz says:

I cant understand how the b8 and c8 are considered basically the same, the peak brightness is 100 nits higher on the c8 so surley this must be quite noticeable over the b8? or am I wrong?

Kenneth Mitchell says:

Q: when it comes to consoles. Does resolution matter? I have a 4k display, and my friend says that the difference between 1440p and 4k is so negligible (like you can’t tell the difference) that buying a Xbox one X to play multiplats for 4k is pointless. He has a PS4 pro and I guess he is trying to talk me into playing with him. But I want to enjoy 4k for the supported 4k games on the Xbox one X. So I ask you guys, am I wrong by going with the higher resolution of the X? Does my tv do the upscaling of ps4 pro games from 1440p which causes blur in turn a worse image? He’s saying its stupid that I shouldn’t go by Resolution when deciding a new console to play on.

Andrew Craley says:

Good stuff as always. I second the request for a TCL comparison.

JiSiN3000 says:

Sorry Daniel… but if I’m not wrong the B8 doesn’t have necessarily the same picture quality due to lack BFI (only 2018 LG OLED Modell without BFI).
Do you agree?
Of course if the BFI isn’t used it’s the same picture quality as the other 2018 LG OLED TVs.

Wu吴 子 健 says:

If only other people have so many side by side TV test.
What Hi Fi – C8 TV Award product winner 2018.
AVforum – C8 best all rounder Oled 2018.

Edurdo Delgado says:

I bought a sk8000 and looks good but it dose look kinda gray in dark rooms but still a good tv but I do have a question tho which of those TVs support Dolby vision ?

Albert Kelly says:

RTINGS, your OLED contrast ratings are retarded. they all might have the same perfect black levels but how can they all have the exact same inf:1 rating when the brightness of some models is better than others?? obviously the contrast ratio of those models is going to be higher!

Pmason718 says:

Looking to buy tomorrow I will be streaming from a stick really don’ care about 4K between these two models which one would you pick Samsung UN43NU6900FXZ vs LG 43UK6090PUA?

S Paji says:

I got c8 model and its picture quality is awesome.

RTaeuber says:

Thanks for all the tv knowledge!

JoeMilano9 says:

Great work guys

wass 85 says:

You’ve got to think here, most of viewing will either be during the daylight or with some sort of lighting at night. If that’s the case then what is the point of buying an OLED that has the added risk of burn-in?

John Quinto says:

God I’m so confused buying a TV they all suck

Roland Rohde says:

Is TruMotion quality really the same on all the OLEDs?

Crash Legendary says:

Finally all LG’s tv

Adriaan says:

When do you guys think HDMI 2.1 full bandwidth will come out?

Qiang Wei says:

magic remote is my only consideration,anything else is a compromise

ascendence says:

i bought a LG IPS TV 2 months ago, NEVER again will i waste my time with IPS

Johnny Fire says:

LG total piece of crapware

Chris Banks says:

All hail the c8

Indarra says:

What about near-black flashing issue in 2018 LG OLED?

Rtings, Please, learn about It and teach LG how they have to support customers.

Bad joke LG, tell us something, repair or replace the affected TVs is that you must to do.

Mateusz says:

I have B8 and i love it. For games and movies or sports watching is the best tv. Like Rtings say B8 have the same functions and picture quality like other oleds LG 2018 so no worth pay more for different design 🙂 and a9 chip for no difference in performance.

Imtiaz Ahmed says:

Why does 6570, a backlit TV, have a higher contrast ratio (1313) than 7700 (edge, 1028) and the 8000 (full, 1098)?

Ovidiu Moc. says:

I bought a 49 SK 8500, european model and i did not find it on your table, but i understand it is equivalent to SK 9000 americas model, but it turns out that there is NO 49 inch model, i am guessing it is ONLY for europe. From what i see with my own eyes in other places, i am very pleased for my choice !!!

Faze_ Tfue says:

I swere to God I would like this comment

You said you swere to God you have to like this comment

David Mckay says:

To be honest the whole thing is getting very confusing, Every site I visit keeps banging on about Black levels and how the IPS screens destroy picture quality due to the poor black levels,
I believe some qualification needs to be added, its like they all think you will have a dedicated Movie room with a Va panel for watching movies in the pitch black and have a different Tv maybe IPS in the main room of the house for all to watch at angles in daylight/well lit room scenario.
I don’t really care how a TV performs in synthetic benchmarks I want to know how it performs day to day.
Would I really see a difference worth paying for when watching everyday TV between say an SK8500 and the X900F ? That’s the kind of thing we need to see more of, lets get these competing sets side by side and let us decide what we prefer.
I would think a room with some curtains/blinds could be set up to replicate a general days viewing.

Michelle Alexandria says:

i wish LG put effort into creating a great full array lcd panel.

Indarra says:

Rtings, when will we be able to know your opinion about LG’s #OLEDgate?
Jhon Archer has already written about it.
Pleas, let we know

Praetorian says:

If only every company had this level of customer service when you walk in the door.

Chillis says:

Thx to Hermes im waiting since 2 weeks on my lg b8

Steven says:

Bought my first LG tv a few weeks ago. The high end OLED tv’s are amazing but anything in the 6 series needs to be trashed even at low prices. The image quality (particularly the contrast) is absolutely terrible. Panel quality is very low so chances are very high that you will see issues and want to exchange. Better off paying a bit more for a Samsung.

By the way, Rtings, you guys are the absolute gold standard for reviews- Thank you for the amazing work!

Indarra says:

Let’s be honest, what we really want is for LG to recognize the issue and fix or change our OLEDs #OLEDgate
@LG_ES @LGUS @Vincent_Teoh @BigJohnnyArcher @jaimedejaraiz
Seamos sinceros…

rock star says:

checkout clavinetjunkie latest video bagging this channel. must see.

Samuel Ashmeade says:

I bought the 65″ 4k HDR OLED B series last year, and everything looks outstanding on it

Nanda Arif Jarusman says:

Can you make comparison video between lg uk6300 vs sony x75f, just confusing whats better of that to buy

John L says:

The risk of the OLED burn-in is a huge turn of for me , I choose the Samsung nu8000 55″ i play game xbox one x , pc , and i use the nu8000 for my pc all the time.

Alexi Karppi says:

Actually LG have VA panel type in UK6300/6500 series with 50′ size not IPS, but don’t point on this, please check:
Also, if I’m not mistaking all 50′ models are using VA type.

JustAlittleBit OfSugar says:

IPS gives the best visuals for gaming.

John Quinto says:

Why don’t you just make a video on the best TV in the world to buy remind all this other stuff

Zachary Freiesleben says:

I plan on getting a 65″ OLED when they start to go on clearance in the spring. I hope to get it for $1500 or less.

Jonasz Przybycień says:

Here in Poland the B8 oled tv is close in price to high-end LED TV’s from other brands.

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