4K UHD TV vs. 1080p HDTV – Side by Side Comparison

Some say Ultra HD 4K TVs are stupid, and they back up those claims with science-based assertions, claiming the human you can’t see the difference between Ultra HD and standard 1080P HD unless you’re nose is pressed against the screen. But on the other side of the divide, some are saying they’ve looked at Ultra HD content on Ultra HD TVs and swear the difference is readily apparent. So, who’s got it right?

To find out, we decided to set up an informal experiment under what we consider to be real-world conditions to determine whether or not the average viewer can see a difference between Ultra HD 4K and 1080p when placed side-by-side. The results are in the video.

Considering this is such a hotly debated topic among the enthusiast community, we anticipate a bit of blow-back, but before you ragefully take to the comments section to tell us all about how we’re not scientists, allow us to explain why we approached this little experiment the way we did.

First off, it’s true: we aren’t scientists, and we didn’t approach this test scientifically — we did this on purpose. We wanted our setup to reflect real-world conditions, which included average-Joe viewers looking at content coming from one of the very few places average-Joe viewers can access Ultra HD content right now: Netflix. When 4K Blu-ray players are a reality, we will be able to compare 4K Blu-ray on a 4K display next to 1080p Blu-ray on a 1080p display, and we expect to learn a lot more, since resolution is only part of the total Ultra HD package. But for now, the Netflix comparison gives us the best opportunity to see how the Ultra HD content (albeit compressed) people can watch in their homes right now compares to the same 1080p content (also compressed) people are already watching.

Second, we chose to compare a plasma TV to an LED TV on purpose as well. Our theory (which proved to be right) was that the superior picture quality afforded by a plasma display would trump the resolution improvement afforded by a 4K display, regardless of whether the higher resolution was visible.

At the end of the day, Ultra HD is noticeably more detailed than 1080p HD, even when viewing compressed Netflix content. We anticipate the difference being much more stark when 4K Blu-ray comes available. We also found that 60-inch is about as small a screen as you’ll want to go with 4K, as anything smaller from a typical viewing distance has a much lower payoff. Conversely, the bigger the screen the more obvious the improvement in resolution is.

Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/1080p-hd-vs-ultra-hd-4k-eyes-video/

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Barry Allen says:

I have a 4k sony tv from 2016 and a Ps4 Pro. Honestly, 1080p is better. Picture looks more natural since nothing has to be upscaled, looks sharper while upscaled 4k looks blurry, and the light effects look more natural and better divided than upscaled 4k because this fake 4k looks like a bright colour without reflection. Anyone there having the same problem? Oh, the input lag decreases by freaking HALF when it’s output is set to 1080p. Why on earth would I play with a 4k resolution if it looks ugly and has more input lag?

attiume yami says:

I only here cause my porn subscription videos say ultra 4K

Blessy Joyce De Guzman says:

guyyss i have samsung 4 series 720 p tv led cable samsung is it great for gaming xbox one s ?

LASH says:

In my opinion 4K and 4kuhd is over hyped. You’re only going to get that eye popping demo look if you buy a 4kuhd bluray and watch it. For any normal DVD you already have it looks like shit. So keep your HD tv. Bluray looks just normal. As for gaming, 4kuhd tvs do upscale better than consoles (if you put consoles settings at 1080p) but it’s not that much better. Streaming 4K movies/tv is distracting. Everything has a soap opera vibe.

Nosferatu says:

under 65 inch UHD is pointless.

hyenachase f says:

dont care what any one says a 1080p oled is better than any 4k led hands down

Paul B says:

Listen film in 4k if you are gonna talk about it. Just saying i watch in 4k. Even HDCP 2.2 So show us don’t blow hot air out ur mouth.

houseofremix says:

Well people is not sitting 2 feet away from a tv lmao

Chas Rathburn says:

upset that this video is only 1080p

Zzzzaydieeee737 says:

they both look gay

Michael Bradley says:

4K TVs are so cheap now that everybody at my Walmart is buying 4K.

Max Rager says:

Upgraded from an old HD ready Samsung Plasma because my plasma broke. Best decision ever! Huge difference and was only slightly more expensive than the Full HD one. Definitely happy with my LED UHD tv 🙂

darknessviking says:

this was really interesting

reptilexcq2 says:

In short, buy TV that support HDR 10 or Dolby vision, support back lit w/ local dimming (no edge LIT, they suck), support wide color gamut and you’re good to go!!!

Angelo Calderon says:

4k is garbage, 6k is still old, 8k is the standard 10k looks ok… but, I’m waiting for 14k.

sickb2200 says:

All my friends have newer and larger TVs and lager living spaces than I, but they choose to watch the games at my house on our 6 year old 50″ Panasonic plasma. They all say it has the best picture they’ve ever seen.

Doug Williams says:

Vision is a huge factor. Those with 20/20 plus pick out 4k in an instant every time.

Hay-Wyre d says:

I have a Samsung Plasma TV from 2007 that rivals my 4k UHD Lg TV from 2016 :/

sonny day says:

Truth is you don’t even notice, Its what your eyes and ears are used too. I have gone back to a 50 inch scart TV as my main TV and HD for PS4 and don’t notice the difference. when Ive been to someones house when HD first came out it looked a bit lagging, Like Ive had surround sound for years and dont use it much only when theres a car program on for engine sounds

D. Fortner says:

I’m going to stick with 1080p it doesn’t matter or 720p they still look good to me especially when I play the game on it.

Michael Sutcliffe says:

I wonder when tv stations will start the 4k revolution. I remember it took years for 720p to become standard.

Exhustani says:

and yet I am wondering …why this video isn’t in 4K

Supersonic Saint says:

Damn I was all like “Ah cool imma but a 1080p then” but then he goes and says your gonna be obsolete

Christian Carlan says:

4k vs 1080 isn’t as noticeable as 4k/HDR vs 1080. HDR alone is a reason to get a 4k tv

david simpson says:

I had a 4k samsung hdr tv that i got rid of. I have my 2009 plasma set still, and it looks great, except for peak white brightness on mostly to fully white screen, Other than that, my plasma tv looks way better and even more detailed from where I sit. The colors and contrast and motion handling on my plasma were far better than my 4k led tv. Waiting to get my 4k oled tv though in about a month. 😉

Over Drive says:

4K – for hipsters
1080p – for normal guys
720p – for your grandpa
480p – for Youtube ‘2006

juan ochoa says:

4k is totally stupid for just one sigle reason… the lack of content out there…. even in Youtube mot chneel dont bother to upload 4k content most are just full hd or even 720 p … cable companies and bradcaster can even manage to send a broadcast in full hd, 4k is jus imposble right now. Stupid aidea to buy a device to see NOTHING -_-

Krzysztof Blazejewicz says:

so far i keep the one i got from the samsung smart tv. until it dies….. well that is a bridge i will come to.

bike life says:

4k sucks . I’ll stick with my 50inch rca 1080p oled model it’s just like smart tvs are stupid cause u get a roku or ECT or even a DVD player that streams netflix or ECT.

Elixir says:

Everyones eyes are a different resolution, some people, like me have 20/15 vision. That means they can see at 20 feet away, what you see at only 15. Which means if a TV reads that it’s best at 7 feet away from you, based on 20/20 vision acuity, that means the healthier individuals eyes with better genes can see the whole 4k image, the same way you do when you get 2 feet or so away from the screen sitting on the sofa beside you. It’s not just physics. It’s genetics, color cones in the eyes, the lutein on the retina present, how much beta carotene that person has had the past week. There’s a lot of people with 20/15, it’s very common to have vision past 20/20 especially teenagers and young adults. Some people cannot achieve 20/15 even with glasses it’s a matter of internal human eye resolution, and 20/10 is very common also which means they can see the screen as good as you do from a couple inches away while still sitting on the sofa beside you. So it’s fair, necessary, and the whole reason why they even made em because they went to school an learned how to make em. They know how good humans can see, they only hire people that do.

Dan says:

I just recently got a 4ktv as my hdtv finally shit the bed, there’s quite a difference! UHD looks.. softer, more natural to me than HD. the colors also look more natural. Both the old and new Tv’s are 40in.. the difference is very noticeable! I feel like even the framerate is faster too.. I can’t even describe how satisfied I am for going to 4k.

Stit Prakrai says:

ขอบคุณ youtube ที่แบ่งปันและะไดัรับสาระที่เรี่ยนรู้

Alexander Galloway says:

This must’ve been before HDR. HDR>Plasma

Bill Gas says:

Complete utter bullshit and a waste of time for people to watch this video. I have a 60 inch 4k and it’s 10 billion times better than my last 1080p tv. No comparison! I sit almost 20ft away and my eyesight isn’t very good so Idk wtf your go on about. I have my old 60 inch 100 pound Panasonic plasma 1080p tv in my bedroom and it’s a hunk of shit compared to my new Samsung 4k HDR tv with quantum dot technology. You can talk tech bullshit all day long but the truth is the truth. Anybody watching this sould ignore you, throw their old 1080p in the garbage and go buy a nice new high-end 4k tv. It is truly worth the money.

Nocturnalzyx says:

I can still see the difference from far away

Alex Mercer says:

I’ve seen 4k with HDR and it looks beautiful but, I’m still not sure of getting one. At least not for gaming knowing there’s the extra pixels when streaming 1080p content. I have a Samsung 1080p 60Hz smart Tv 55in and the response time is shit compared to my brothers Philips 4k HDR 60in. In all honesty I’d rather have 1080p resolution plus HDR with minimal input lag as much as possible.

m m says:

i don’t think people understand the greatness of 4k. TV’s are getting bigger and bigger. we’ve hit a stall for the past few years at around 55-65″ but with the standardization of 4k, we’re gonna start seeing (affordable) 90″, 100″, 120″ displays that may take up an entire wall of a room. at those sizes, 1080p will look like sh*t.

bob le says:

I guess if any one who makes a professional looking video means they’re automatically correct. Poor sheeps are too stupid to do the research themselves. You have to see whether or not the program you’re watching supports 4k, or whether it’s just 1080p being pushed onto a 4k display, which seems to be the case in this video. The difference between the two is SUBSTANTIAL, literally day and night. This is clear obvious marketing scheme to make sure to sell all their inventory of 1080p televisions before 4k becomes the standard.

Shafi Ullah says:

i brought this tv just 1 month before price and picture quality are super .check it in link guys worth for money http://fkrt.it/kLNmZTuuuN

Joseph Sloan says:

This guy is an idiot

ROB 1080 says:

“4k is here to stay”. Of course it is, but on built in freeview sets (in the UK at least) you only get 5 1080p channels, all others still being SD. So I dont think HD is anywhere near going the way of plasma, while SD still appears to be the norm for the masses.

varied gamer says:

wow films a video about 4k and 1080p… and doesnt even allow us to watch the video in 4k

Yakhont says:

And I’m still running a old 90s big case TV with actual glass for the bedroom. And a Bavaria flatscreen from 2005 in the living room. Until it breaks down, only then I will upgrade. But who watches actual propaganda channels anyway.

pnojazz says:

OLED – Enough said

Quoc Tran says:

It’s painful when you’ve become accustomed to seeing at least full HD and then you go to school that uses a projector that shows a giant screen in 720p and the blurred letters make you squint only to realize it’s not your vision but the resolution of the projected image itself. It gets taxing on the eyes

Funtime hz says:

By the time 1080p leaves,there would be 8k or above.

King Karl says:

Dont know how you can say its not worth it for tvs below 65inch.. I got a 49 samsung and it looks 10x better than my old standard hd tv.. Colours look way better, gaming looks 10x better even without a 4k console.. I got this because i knew xbox was coming out with the 4k consoles and thought i wouldn’t get much out of it until then but i definitely am, even low resolution programs and films look a hell of a lot better than they did on my old one.. If you want one for gaming i wouldn’t go really cheap tho.. KS7000 or 8000 if you’re from another country is perfect if you dont want to pay more than £1000. I can see the detail sitting a nice distance a way, its not like you need to be in front of the screen to see the difference 4k makes.. Everything is so much more clear and alive.

Also HDR makes a massive difference, I watch some Grand tour on amazon on it earlier and it was unbelievably different to any of the normal hd tvs.

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