4K TV Buying Guide 2018

In tonights video I do my yearly 4K TV Buying Guide. The goal of this video is to help you get more informed about your next TV purchase and what specific technologies to look out for to help you futureproof as much as possible!


Samuel Rivera says:

Andrew, great talking points. I love my Lg oled C6, it’s been such a great television for every type of content. However, I am looking for a solid led tv, but it’s for my outside patio so I need that brightness.

ril850 says:

I just ordered lg Oled. Picking up this weekend. I can’t wait!!!

Teletubby Dipsy :* says:

Kind of off topic I just need some assistance. I have a new soundbar, but when connected to my Xbox one X it says my TV doesn’t support HDR gaming or 50 and 60hz 10 bit. When it clearly does as it works fine without the soundbar. Can you help please?

Justin Greenhalgh says:

Is the tv an upgrade to lg oled from Sony led

jim bob says:

I have the samsung ks8000, it was rated the best 4k gaming tv of 2016 by rtings.com. The colours are amazing on it. It definatly rivals the lg c7 when it comes to colour.

Jay Walker says:

Recently bought a 65″ LG OLED B7A. Once you experience the perfect blacks of an OLED, every other TV is a disappointment.

ericimi says:

Qled just means quantam dot led so although I can see the confusion was caused on purpose by Samsung . I think it was a good move by the marketing team .

Colin Parks says:

i am waiting for VRR a game changer in display!!!!!

west webb says:

what are you looking for in your next tv

ericimi says:

Pretty solid information here Andrew.

stephen hoult says:

What’s caught my eye in 2018 are short throw 4k laser projectors. Just wish they where more affordable

007vsMagua says:

I’ve been seeing and hearing things about how the TCL’s 65″ _ 6-Series (2018) back-lighting is bleeding through when the screen is lit up in white or other bight colors. I’d like to learn more about this before I jump. It’s like the full array panels are being overpowered so that the 6-Series can achieve a higher brightness level.

XRAY says:

Can you maybe make a receiver buying guide? I think I go for Onkyo 5.1.2 receiver that supports Dolby Atmos but not DTS:X. Most blu rays are in Atmos right?

Cruzan9 says:

I wish TCL had an OLED line. One of their execs said, while it’s not a current project, they’ve not dismissed the idea out of hand. I’m guessing if they do go that route it’ll be at a competitive price and those will be sold out rather quickly too.

As for the QLED/OLED misconception, I am pretty sure that was Samsung’s intention.

Carlos Kreek says:

I agree with what you said. I still am enjoying my KS8500 for now, especially with the recent update which supports HDR10+ But when I do upgrade, it’ll probably be Samsung depending on what they come out with, especially if full array and HDR10/Dolby Vision included

Timothy Mathetes says:

Hey man, good to see you. I am hoping to get a new TV, and my question is: What do you think about JVC as a brand for quality?, Since the price seems to be nice. By the way, you forgot to mention HDR 10 plus.

Trevor Trbovich says:

Proud owner of an LG OLED. Best tv I have owned. Came from a Pioneer Kuro to Panasonic ZT60. Oled destroys.

Jim Cameron says:

In 2018 a SONY Z9 (600 dimming zones!) has no chance against SAMSUNG Q9 (480 dimming zones) 2018 model, sony is not as bright as Samsung + like all Sony or any other nowadays tv brands specially OLED tvs the Q series since 2017 generation one have no huge display reflections from your entire room or your self on your tv display and no i dont work for SAMSUNG i work for BMW GROUP Germany

dwight burke says:

gonna buy a new 77 inch oled. are you partial to the C8 or the A1E

ericimi says:

X930E is phenomenal I will not buy an oled again I’ll stick to my 1400 nits led. The Q9F 2018 is the only TV that interests me .

Big Tuna says:

Hey dude,

Do you recommend a 2017 OLED over the new TCL 6 Series. Not sure what to get.
I only see a C8 model for 2016 OLED’s.

jakson souza says:

Great vídeo Andrew. I have a doubt, all lg oled has dolby vision and hdr or only dolby vision? Sorry for my english.

body on frame says:

I have had the Sony 900E since November and I am beyond happy. No regrets at all. No Dolby Vision but what are ya gonna do.

lucas Lucas says:

If the tv has hdr does it have wide color gamut?

Xur says:

I work on tv’s and have my own shop. Worst tv’s in the world are TCL’s, Hisense and ANY Sony. Main reason is they are made on the same production line in China. Lg’s, Vizio’s and Samsungs are great tv’s. I see TCL and Hisense in my shop frequently. Older Samsungs (around the 2012-2015 era) I see pretty frequently too. I typically like Vizio’s the best because they do Dolby Vision and HDR10 seemlessly. also, curved tv’s are simply a fad.

duonkaah says:

For me the only choice i had to make was 55 or 65 inch.

Because i wanted a 4k oled with 3d. So the lg E6 (or G6 but it was way too expensive) was the only option for me xD

Mark Herrera says:

How’ do you know know how many nits a tv is

Juan Verano says:

Hey nice video, a question, which TV would you recommend me to buy with a price of maximum 1000 dollars, I have been looking the LG qled 55egv7, would you recommend me that one??

Scrapamale says:

I picked up Samsung 8 series. 49″ Class MU8000 4K UHD TV. I really enjoy this TV and it was a steal on the price at Bestbuy. I paid 535.00 for it open box. Dope TV and no complaints, but I wish I would gotten 65” instead.

crashfellow82 says:

I have a LG OLED C7. And when i turn off the ‘artificial smoothing’ certain elements of the picture shudders and also looks like a framerate drop… is this usual for OLED? I find it exceptionally distracting.

Michelle Ridling says:

How samsung mu8500

jeff lynch says:

I’m debating on buying the new tcl series. Do you recommend the 56 inch or the 65 inch ?

Nic Penagos says:

Hey man, which Sony TVs have Dolby Vision? Or will it be available as an update? I got a 4k ‘55 couple months ago but don’t know if it has it.

Big Tuna says:

I’m proud of myself for fully understanding everything you said

Jim Cameron says:

ARMedia. Andrew go and see your self live the brand new 2018 SAMSUNG Q9 FN (55 + 65 inch) with its 480 diming zones wow wow wow the best 4K tv right now, i would never ever buy a OLED, for example all LG OLED tvs only after 1 year must buy another one because of the burning issues at least in Germany and no support from LG, to me the 2018 QLED Samsung is almost (no DOLBY VISION but HDR 10+) the only perfect tv worldwide, OLED like: deep black + super side angle viewing + unlike OLED: as twice as bright 2000 nits + no burning issues + no display reflections (it sucks and i hate) and always consistent brightness even after 20 years/for ever. but only the Q9 series, Q8 les diming zones, and now i will wait another one year for price dropping of Q9 FN because i am not paying 5300$ (4400€) for a tv, my last price would be 2500$

- EyeAmDeJesus - says:

Nice video. I actually have spent about a month and a half with this new 2018 samsung qled TV. 65 inch. And I must say as a second time 4k TV owner, I’m blown away. I totally get the marketing schemes and really, everyone has one these days. For instance the ambient mode on this 2018 version is pretty dope. Convo starter and I use it daily. The design is incredible and the sickest part is the one connect box with invisible cable, which has allowed me to hide every single thing I have connected to the TV behind everyone so you dont see shit but the TV. Everyone has their own opinion no doubt. But I’m far from disappointed. One main selling point is oled “burn in”. And how it’s not covered under warranty . Besides the pricing, i love my qled. Sometimes you just gotta stomp with the big dogs. Lol. Side note: keep up the great work on these reviews. You’re one of my go to on movies, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my latest collection cuz of u my guy. Salute.

gyloir says:

It’s so hard to go back to led tvs when you see OLED. Halo’ing is just terrible, even on FALD sets w/ lots of zones it can be quite apparent. If you watch a lot of horror movies or movies that take place at night than the advantage is imo far ahead with OLED’s even though led’s can get brighter.

Even the new top of the line led, the Q9FN, still has noticeable halo’ing in dark scenes with brighter elements on the screen.

Be glad when we can get LED brightness with OLED blacks and no halo’ing.

John Arevalo says:

Andrew, Know anything about the sony 900e? Is it good picture and is it better than qled?

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