4K HDR Blu Ray – Is it worth it?

Is the latest “upgrade” from the entertainment industry truly a step in the right direction, or is it another half-baked semi-upgrade solely designed to outdate your current home theater setup?

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nacthenud says:

You should redo this now that there are so many more awesome 4k UHD Discs available on the market. I personally find the difference to be quite dramatic in many cases.

Crimson Wolf says:

HDCP 2.2 is still an abortion

The Pink Pistol says:

If I don’t have an HDR display, why am I also seeing differences? Is it because they are off-screen recordings and not accurate to what you saw in the first place?

BJ Chaos says:

Should have used the movie Coco

Egosuppressor says:

Most important difference between bluray and streaming media is the sound. No Netflix or Amazon video streams Dolby true HD/Atmos or DTS:MA/X. Difference is huge even on a budget home theater systems

YZS Productions says:

My Plasma HD TV is better than any 4K LED TV!

Scorehound says:

Hey, I love 3D Blu Ray.

Ultra says:

Not enough movies are mastered well enough. Sad.

Ben Knecht says:

I want to reach through my screen and fix his hoodie strings

Jasper Been says:

Titanic and Jurassic World in 3d are awesome! Don’t knock what others may like!

モジャンズ says:


p g says:

I’m watching this in 2018. Can linus revisit this?

The Roll Gamers says:

Nice wii

Reggie Hammons says:

I’m just 4k depressed.

Bidule200 says:

You saw differences in colors because you didn’t match the SDR picture profile and the HDR picture profile. In SDR expert mode the temperature is set to “Warm2” (wich gives 6500k industry standard), whereas in HDR picture mode you set is to “Neutral 0”, where if should have been set to “W45” to match the 6500k standard.
I also saw that you kept some “enhancement” picture-altering effects…

Bottomline is, be careful with your settings or you’ll just ruin the test.

Shadowwolf TD5000 says:

I do get the perks of streaming and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t do it constantly at uni. But my big problem is that you’re at the mercy of the streaming company with what you can and can’t get, point and case being that Inglourious Basterds just got taken off Netflix in the UK and I am fuming. Also Gladiator, IMO one of the best films ever made, is nowhere to be found on any streaming platform.

With regards to upgrading to Blu-Ray, do it! I made sure to get Mad Max Fury Road on Blu-Ray rather than DVD and holy crap, it just looks so much better. Worth it

Jordan Scherr says:

I agree in regard to HDR, but that’s because it’s something I’m looking for when getting good dynamic ranges. As for resolution.. I can see people’s arguments regarding 4k and distant objects, but only that. You get diminishing returns above 1080p, which I stick with to this day for cost reasons. (And that’s coming from a tech guru.) For higher dynamic ranges, I’ll usually use a native specialized video format. There was a day before streaming people! heh!

Drago1995 says:

i think converting old movies to high def just feels unatural

CX - FPS is overrated says:

How does that ps2 look on that screen?

Jon Johnson says:

Abortion? Even as the son of a Canadian from the UK, I do sometimes wish North Americans would have adopted their own language. I believe the word Linus was looking for was ‘aberration’

bsheehan says:

Hi Linus, it’s been over two years since this video was posted. Do you any more current thoughts on 4K, its availability and current HDR TVs?

Mário Vaz says:

Can someone tell me how much does it cost one movie on 4K HDR Blu Ray ?

Kingブランドン says:

I love his logical comment on true Atmos sound. xD. 9.2, like who the fuck needs that? I feel bad for the people who buy 3.1 Atmos soundbars thinking they got Atmos~ You need at least 7.2… Yeah, I don’t even know what the exact range is for it to be supported!

BatmanGamerRoblox&mc says:

wait this video is 4k

Thomas Akins says:

Not a huge upgrade by any means, but is worth spending the extra money if you’re shopping to replace a TV that died.

Ezkal8 Vidz says:

1:02 LINUS RIPED OF GMM (GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING) INTRO. Thought I was gonna see Rhett and link “LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT “

jbooks888 says:

Don’t you just hate when you watch 8 minutes of an 11 minute video and you suddenly realize that you’ve already seen it?

M RaReS says:

can you make this review in english ?

Partha Sarma says:

And here I am! Happily streaming each and every movie at 720p on my Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 with a ‘massive’ 5.7 inch 1080p sAMOLED display.

CB W says:

You couldn’t just label the “HDR” as UHD Blu-Ray or 4K Blu-Ray like it’s supposed to be? Because they’re both Blu Rays!! For the first half of the vid I couldn’t tell which one’s the old and which one’s the 4K version, when they’re both BR and “HD” so which one’s supposed HDR referring to.

Michael Shelley says:

Jurassic Park in 4k doesn’t have that weird grainy effect that 90s movies have

Anda Korneliussen says:

The xbox should’ve been in hdmi 1 to fully function with hdr10

Sergio Lopez says:

R.I.P. Tunnel Bear.

Frosty. says:

gotta love DRM. does nothing but fuck over the people who actually paid lol

gangster ghost says:

im confused so if i get the one x will the HDR be the same or better

Philip Cheeseman says:

nearly 2 years later now so is it ready yet?

Austin Hickey says:

My new Vizio doesn’t have HDR, but it is 4K. Considering all I’ve ever had was 720p, it’s a huge step up. And I’m fine with that. Can’t have it all, and it’s still a huge leap being able to watch 4K blurays on my Xbox.

C4Platinum says:

4k is weak 3d was better!

Kingブランドン says:

I like my Blu-Rays, I mean Blur-Rays~

Gamers Lounge says:

You lost me at XBOS. Nothing against it. Great console but it has a low-tier 4K drive.

Linus Testicle Tips says:

HDR is dead tech unless it comes free

hotwasabi8 says:

The bluray looks better than the HDR in these examples for most cases. Basically, it makes it not worth getting a 4k setup at its current price point.

Soccercrazyigboman says:

Fuck off Linus. 3D on OLED is amazing. I think reviewers like you fucked it up for everyone. I was hoping 3d gaming would be widespread but now no more. It was so immersive. Fuck I’m so pissed

Shaun Davids says:

or the fact your TV doesn’t have the nits needed for real HDR

Daniel Ponder says:

Funny, people use their TV speakers??? yikes, I have a sound system, and thank you, I was debating a 4k blah blah blah, probably not yet…any thoughts 1.5 years later? Video did not suck!

Top Dog says:

Just started collecting 4k bluray… Love it!

chintimin says:

I find it hilarious that there’s a video showing the difference in frames between HDR and non-HDR as a non-HDR video. Reminiscent of the old DVD ads on VHS tapes.

qrayz says:

I’m pretty damn confused.. I just got back from the TV store and i saw their 4K HDR displays, i was absolutely amazed at the lifelike picture quality, never has 1080p wowed me like that at any viewing distance. How anyone couldn’t immediately see the difference between 1080p and 4K is hard for me to believe.

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