$332 for an HDR 4K TV?! – Skyworth 49U5A Review

Get Skyworth 49U5A TV here https://goo.gl/ej52f4
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Version IV Gaming says:

Why were you testing the tv with fortnite, your supposed to be testing the visuals

bii5ans. com says:

Good work my man

Jckn 1337 says:

Hey! Techsource, Edgar here

Mohammed Ullah Rasel says:

thumbs up for HDR mode in that range

Papa Smurf says:

60hz is fine tho, it could be a lot worse

Crate - Collector says:

1: you’re shooting the air
2: you can’t have infinite ammo
3: how the fuck did you get a 4k by shooting the air
4: you’re not on where your minimap tells you
5: y the fucc you have minis but didn’t pop them
6: you do you literally have no materials
7: y tf you sit so close to this huge ass screen

axe693axe says:

4:16I think you mean a HIGH input lag

pussy cat says:

hello techsource I saw that you are very good at computers and I wanted to ask you if you could donate me a pc that runs well on the newer games that are forgiven pugb rocket league …. I have a very old pc since 2008 and does not deal with almost any game. or if you can make a $ 1000 donation if you want

hed420 says:

TVs are soo cheap now. Too bad they cost double the price here. This tv would cost me $664. :/

Samad Primo says:

Guys, I need a good monitor compatible with a PS4 pro as large as possible, I wanted a 21:9 ultra wide but the console won’t scale to size leaving black bars so can I get some suggestions

shaun fourie says:

Plz plz plz..stop the fortnite craz!!

Nyte Blade7 says:

U should probably make a discord server…

Grimper Sea says:

Ed..i just buy new pc but went me on pc monitor got blank but my cpu still running.wht should i do?

nieshawn charles says:

For the price, and the size it’s a great tv, it’s a big seller here in my country along with the TCL tv’s.

EliasGamerYT says:

Will You Create Gaming Channel

Eudhdhebdh Sjsnsjsb says:

What about the 49in tcl roku tv, it’s about equal with this

eggeg leg says:

Finally something i can listen to russ on

Michael Garand says:

Atrractable? Ed making up words again

johnny D. says:

I’m from NYC we never Sleep

BadWho - Roblox says:

In the thumbnail why does the mini gun have unlimited ammo

HITP Valkyrie says:

You can get one without a bezel for the same or cheaper on amazon from more well known companies. The HDR probably actually works properly too.

TheDeathDragon says:

What sounds better the Steelseries Arctis PRO + GameDac or the Sennheiser GSP 500 headset?

RedWildinq says:

Hello TechSource I would like to thank you for inspiring me to become a youtuber, My name is Devon I’ve been watching your videos for 6 months not on this account that I’m posting this comment on I doubt you will read this because you’re busy. I am looking to buying a Monitor and a PC once I move for my birthday I just wanted to know if you could recommend me some parts along with a Monitor. (Budget: 1,100 CAD) Once again thank you so much!

Abish Vijayan says:

*High input lag

Stop Dont Worry says:

Good video


I’m from India Can you make list video editing setup for 4k whats best for it in every item including monitors and speakers can you give me instructions

WarpedParadox says:

I found a great 4K monitor on amazon that’s $199

Adam Ford says:

Be curious to know how many NITs it has for HDR. I bet it’s less than 1000 which is needed for true HDR. Probably 5-800 range just like all the gaming monitors claiming to support HDR. Junk

Dok says:

If you go under Android settings -> External inputs -> HDMI signal format -> check Enhance 4k HDMI, does the game detect HDR ? This what I had to do to my Bravia A1 to get my games detect HDR + 4K

Papa Online says:

asus rog strix 1080 ti oc mod or the default one ? please tell me.

Andrew Mitchell says:

Do a comparison to the TCL S405 (the 43 in version is $280 and has 4K and HDR).

TechSource says:

Whos up this late watching the video, you guys are night owls! (or you live in a different time zone, haha 🙂

Bogdan Stevanovic says:

Lg has 400$ 4K HDR Tv i just got it, its good for that money

Omkar M says:

Can’t afford one

Ben Dover says:

Not even looking for a new tv, just love the content 🙂

Ash1 Official says:

Good for GTA V?

plopnow says:

4:15 In my book that’s not a downside Ed. Lol small speecho

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