2017 Sharp Roku TV Review – 4K HDR TV – Are Sharp TVs still good? Netcruzer TECH

NEW 2017 Sharp Roku TV with 4K UHD and HDR! Are Sharp TVs good now that it’s name was sold off to Hisense and Foxconn? LC-43LBU591C (LC-43LBU591U in USA) is a BestBuy Exclusive TV. Testing OTA HDTV, Roku Apps, and general TV panel performance. This is a VA panel 4K TV. Want a 4K HDR TV? USA: http://amzn.to/2x4tOFe CANADA: http://amzn.to/2yOiav9
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Raul Gonzalez says:

bought the 32 inch sharp hd only tv with roku this summer for the kids …the thing has almost no inpu lag that i can notice and the pictures on movies and tv look fantastic …I hope this version has the same image quality as the low cousin of this tTV line. recently got the tcl55p605 ..and is a POS…literaly mu kids 32 inch non 4k is brighter , has deeper blacks than the POS I got for 700+ after taxes …and it cost me less than 200 dlls the 32 inch …I saw the sharp Aquos 4k tv …But it was not displaying anything at the store just an image …I wonder if that is a better tv than the TCL POS i got.

kclubta mcleod says:

The 50″ version of this model goes on sale at Best Buy this month for $179.99 USD.

kclubta mcleod says:

I’m not seeing anywhere that this TV supports HDR. Best Buy’s website explicitly says it does not. Possibly a difference between US and Canadian models?

TotalKnockOutttt says:

Does anyone know if this tv has a web browser?

d3tach3d says:

i wasnt aware that any over the air antenna stations go you an option for a guide to show you whats coming up next or later like a schedule

Tony says:

how are the black levels?

oAnko1 says:

To see 4k doesn’t the tv have to be over 50 inches?

Sharday Jay says:

Great video !

ratstrat1984 says:

Does it have “active hdr”? A friend of mine went thru 3 tvs before finding one that will do hdr gaming.

E t says:

What about playing Xbox one on it?

HyperCynic says:

I want to get this as there’s a major sale on right now for the 55″ version… really wish you would’ve actually used the PS4 to show games working on it though to test input lag. I’ve heard jumping into 4K is as difficult as it was jumping to 720p and 1080i/p back in the mid 00’s because of this. Many TVs have response times way in excess of what people have come to be comfortable with now so I worry that I’m going to be SOL buying this tv.

With how common gaming is it surprises me how few people talk about gaming on these TVs… I’m specifically planning on using it as my main monitor for my PC and input lag will immediately destroy any ability to use it with a PC as mouse inputs are impossible to deal with when there is lag.

tasev1 says:

for $349, it wouldn’t really matter if it’s any good! It’s a deal! I’m curious though – do all of these new 4K TV’s include that “motion flow’ type of technology? I still see them listed at both 60 and 120hz.

ishotudropdead says:

Why dont alot of other people have this tv for a YouTube tv?

redsoxfanortiz34 says:

Is this tv worth the price? Currently $673 total with taxes on Best Buy Canada? I know Samsung/Sony?LG are better, but will I regret buying this in a year? Many reviews say Sharp TV’s are lucky to last one year let alone two

Jesse Nievera says:

Can you verify that it does indeed have HDR?

MrKbarstad says:

Debating this tv, larger size, the LC-50LBU591U (50 inch). Vs the LC-55p6000u (55 inch).

Does the tv you reviewed, LC-xxLBU591x, have built in upscaling?

Do you know of any differences between them?

OG says:

I got my 55ch sharp 4K UHD TV from Walmart @$298 plus tax $315.

François Courchesne says:

Great video. Do you know how much is the input lag in 4k? I’m not sure which tv to choose from between this one or the LG 6200/6300 which has the lowest input lag. Both are 399$ for black Friday.

TK says:

Wait so it does support HDR10?? I was trying to find that out but can’t find that info anywhere

roberto castro says:

Does it have smooth motion technology? For warching sports

Rainmaster MeghRaj says:

Pretty detailed and good review. Thank you!

Noc4ball says:

Not a crazy deal… It’s a month later and the 55 inch isn’t going for much more than what you paid.

Netcruzer RC TECH CARS says:

After I made this video, Roku announced new products and software! A big update to their Roku TVs coming in October and November 2017. The #RokuOS8 adds TV Guide for OTA antenna use, which was one of the major things I felt was missing. https://www.recode.net/2017/10/2/16395850/roku-tv-broadcast-free-antenna-streaming-os-8

joe smith says:

Have the 50 inch   excellent  picture!!!!!

iiCarNaGE_1 says:

Hi doea it have an internet browser app? If so, is it sluggish?

Gordon Martin says:

Are you reviewing the Canadian version?

Tim Trim says:

The 55inch is on sale for 298 this month …excited to try and get one

The Superhero Project Podcast says:

So can I access a browser on this tv?

Kevin M says:

Like your review Net..really detailed.I got one of these coming.So you decided to keep it?

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